Resident Evil Vol 2 Issue #6 is a comic published by WildStorm in December 2010. It is the final part of their fourth series of Resident Evil comics, and was a tie-in to Resident Evil 5. While released in December 2010, its copyright record indicates that its cover was to read "February 2011".[1][2]

"Schafft Choas Und Lasst Die Kreigshunde Los"

Resident Evil 2 Issue 6 - page 8

Neuermann Giesel holds up Holiday Sugarman by the neck. He informs him that the silent alarms have been activated, and Giesel Industries' new B.O.W., the Überhund, have been released and are on the hunt. The Überhunds are shown like ordinary zombified dogs. Giesel throws Sugarman through a window. Sugarman fires, but Giesel's improved body absorbs the hits and regenerates. Punching Sugarman, Giesel thinks he has done enough; he wants to meet with General Del Valle soon. He notices Sugarman is smiling, and becomes suspcious.

Meanwhile, Lupo and Mina Gere are being confronted by the Überhund. One of the dogs knocks Lupo to the ground, but Mina slices it open with her knife before it can kill her. Barkin and Vallejo have also being surrounded by the dogs, unable to finish setting up the charges. They quickly run low on ammunition and resort to blowing themselves up.

Giesel, still holding Sugarman, becomes weak. Sugarman reveals that he has been using an experimental "infrasonic weapon", which is lethal in close-quarters combat, though never used this weapon earlier. Giesel's organs explode, and Sugarman believes him unable to regenerate. Sugarman reports Giesel's death to the team, but doesn't get an answer.

Resident Evil 2 Issue 6 - page 20

Lupo and Mina reach a communications room. Here, Mina advises her comrade to inject the virus antidote, should she have been infected by the dogs. Looking at the cameras, Mina discovers that the bio-weapons have been placed all over Übelandia; Lupo is curious as to why they're not actively spreading the virus, and is informed of the implants restricting their motor skills. Mina realises that the bio-weapons facility is required for keeping the zombies from tearing the country apart. She tries to get in contact with Sugarman and Vallejo, but can't raise anyone. Lupo is sent to find the others and explain the situation.

Sugarman briefly establishes contact with Mina, but is unable to hear her. Lupo finds him and explains that destroying the facility will release the weapons. She is ordered to get out of the complex and notify HQ, while he goes looking for the others. When he finds Mina, she is trying to hack into the system to keep the bio-weapons' movements restricted, should the facility be destroyed. The facility explodes just as Lupo gets outside. Mina and Sugerman have also survived, but Mina is concussed. Unable to keep the bio-weapons under control, she reveals that she instead ordered the implants to kill them all.

Resident Evil Vol 2 Issue 6 - page 22

Sugarman begins moving debris to let them out of the wreckage, and is confronted by a giant, mutant Giesel. The creature doesn't put up much of a fight, and Sugarman decapitates it with his combat knife.

The next day, Sugarman comes to see Mina in her infirmary bed, giving her fruit as a gift. He reveals that, after studying more of Giesel's data, he has found that Neuermann isn't Fritz, but a clone intended to take control over Giesel Industries upon Fritz's death. Fritz blamed the entire bioterror incident on his "nephew", and donated $50 million to Übelandia as an apology. Urador, meanwhile, has just executed their General.


  • Ricardo Sanchez (Writer)
  • Jheremy Raapack (Penciller)
  • Kurt Hathaway (Letterer)
  • Tony Avina (Colorer)
  • Jheremy Raapack (Colorer)


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