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Who are we? Edit

The Resident Evil Wiki is a comprehensive database of Resident Evil information, covering real-world production history, to gameplay mechanics, to the lore of more than twenty separate universes within the franchise. The Wiki is entirely user-contributed as opposed to employee-hired. The Wiki has been running since 16 March 2006, founded by Res.Evil guy and Warsman11. It is currently led by five staff-members, Forerunner; Riley Heligo; Staurophobia; Spleepoppetween, and ParallelTraveler.

What is our goal? Edit

Our goal is to be the definitive source of Resident Evil information. We have an expansive focus, from film and game production history to walkthrough guides. From in-depth character and creature analyses, to art books. And from toys and games to obscure comics.

What can I do to help? Edit

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As a wiki editor, most of the site is at your disposal. If a new game comes out, you can create new articles via the CreatePage feature, clicking on a red-linked page, or simply clicking on the icon to the right. Registered uses (that is, ones with accounts) can also add pictures and YouTube videos to the wiki. For more information on how to make simple edits, visit the Help:Contributing page. For learning how to use coding on pages and where they should go, visit our Manual of Style page.