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Like many wikis, the Resident Evil Wiki operates with an administration. The administration consists of a number of users deemed trustworthy enough to be granted extra powers to help out the wiki.

Chat moderators

Chat moderators, or "ChatMods", are users who have special powers on the wiki's Chat. Becoming a chat moderator, as of February 2012, involves the user having been on the wiki for at least five months and having five hundred "mainspace" edits. To find out how many mainspace edits you have on this wiki, enter your username into Special:Editcount. Users who hold rollbacker rights are automatically granted chatmod status, as well as anyone else within the administration.


Moderators or "rollbackers" are users who have shown commitment to the wiki and have been granted the special "rollback" power by a bureaucrat. This extra power allows moderators to quickly revert vandalism without going through the much slower [undo] process (unless a comment/summary is considered necessary, of course). Becoming a moderator, historically, does not require a formal election process, instead being simply noticed by bureaucrat and commended for their work. In future, however, reviews of the user's eligibility will take place on this page.

Rollbackers are also eligible for adminship over the Answers Wiki, where they will be responsible for cleaning up vandalism. Of particular importance is the deletion of any article that redirects to the Redirected page.


SysOps (short for System Operators) are a higher-level in the administration. These users also have the [rollback] right, along with the powers to [delete] and [protect] a page and to (un-)block users. They are also authorized to view deleted edits (that is, edits made on deleted pages, or literally-deleted page revisions). SysOps can even make edits to the MediaWiki coding to update the wiki.

Becoming a sysop requires a formal election process lasting at least a month. Generally they must have a set minimum number of votes (10-"support"; 0-"oppose"), though a significant shortage in the electorate can allow users to enter service with even less. Having the "rollback" right before being nominated is preferred, though not required. Due to their more code-based role, sysops are preferred to also have experience in template design; referrals from the administrators of other wikis may also be sent.

List of SysOps


Admin Flag - United Kingdom Forerunner (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
Flag of the United States ParallelTraveler (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
Admin Flag - United Kingdom Riley Heligo (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
Flag of Canada Spleepoppetween (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)
Flag of the United States Staurophobia (talk) (contribs) (e-mail)



Bureaucrats (also known as the simplified "'crats") are a form of sysop with the added power to create sysop and rollback users, as well as removing their power. Because of this major ability, a sysop must go through an administration-wide discussion to deduce whether s/he should be given this ability. This is because the bureaucrat right can not be removed by other bureaucrats; a request to the Wikia staff must be made, instead, with suitable reasoning (e.g. number of recent edits).

Wikia staff

These users are largely-independent of the Resident Evil Wiki. They may visit from time to time to make coding-corrections or to remove large-scale spamming. It is best that they are not messaged for help unless it is necessary (e.g. if the local administrators aren't here and the problem involves blocking/deleting).

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