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This page is for policies regarding "Analysis" type pages.

What is an Analysis page?

"Analysis" is the name given to describe content pages that catalogues data outside the scope lore, gameplay, or product information. This will mostly mean topics in a real-life perspective and how they're present in the Resident Evil franchise.

What pages may be made?

Because of the abstract nature of these topic and difficulty in defining what can be allowed, they will be decided on a case-by-case basis by administration. In general, the types of pages that will likely be allowed are:

  • General topics that is already a popular talking point such as easter eggs and cameos.
  • Topics user have shown interest in and ask for such as the reappearance of weapons, translations of non-English languages etc.
  • Information about concepts Capcom seems to apply that doesn't fit in other categories such as the "Jill Sandwich" joke and use of the "Eye" imagery.


All "Analysis" type pages should be categorized with "Category:Analyses" and contain "Template:Analyses". The type of information listed within these pages should generally not be repeated/transposed on other content pages.

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