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What Resident Evil Wiki is not

The games, live-action films and S.D. Perry novels are all within their own universe. It is preferred not to state that something in one of the main universes is non-canon because it does not appear in another. If this were acceptable, then many pages would need altering.

To combat this, the following guidelines are set:

  1. On "game universe" articles, information from the games is the main canonical source.
  2. Information from the Novels and films are allowed, but must be stated if they are. This is to avoid edit wars over information that contradicts the games. Insert {{Continuity/Novels}} or {{Continuity/Films}} to disambiguate them from the game universe. Note that the novels based on the films (ie. Resident Evil: Genesis) are still part of the film series and so must use the same template.
  3. Resident Evil Wikia does not tolerate fan fiction. If you wish to add fanfiction, keep it on your userpages.
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