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What dialect should I spell in?

There are two common forms of the English written language: American English, used in the United States and parts of the world under their administration (i.e. Puerto Rico), and British English, used in the United Kingdom and former colonies as primary or secondary languages.

Resident Evil Wiki should be made as neutral as possible to the spelling forms, as the series is Japanese in origin. However, all files and examines should be written in American English like their in-game counterparts, unless the file says otherwise.

All other pages are allowed to be changed between British and American. However, the style must remain consistent through the whole page. Edits that change only the dialect may be seen as an attempt to push one's POV.

Can I write in another language?

If you speak multiple languages other than English, then it is acceptable to a degree for you to use them. Remember, however, that articles and discussions are to remain in English for the simple fact that this is an English-speaking Wiki with a population consisting largely of native English-speakers with little/no skills in other languages. Essentially this is for the sake of ensuring understandibility. If English is not your best language, there are other language editions of the Resident Evil Wiki available; one of them may suit you. Of course, if you feel it is good enough to contribute, then go ahead.

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