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Like many wikis, the Resident Evil Wiki operates with a hierarchical administration. The administration consists of a number of users deemed trustworthy enough to be granted extra powers to help out the wiki.


To acquire certain powers, the Resident Evil Wiki requires a user already have experience. Consequently, the Administration on the wiki can be divided into four Tiers, with the top three requiring experience in the Tier below.

Tier 4Edit

  • "Rollbackers" are users who have the power to quickly revert edits deemed to be spam or vandalism. Users can request Rollback rights if they have made 150 mainspace edits and been present at least thirty days.
  • "Chat Moderators" are users who have the power to kick and block people who are disruptive on the Wikia's Chat or Discord channel. Users can request these rights if they have made 150 edits of any kind and have been active on the wiki and Chat/Discord at least thirty days.

Tier 3Edit

  • "Content Moderators" have powers revolving around Articles. As well as having rollback rights, they can also delete; undelete and move pages, as well as having the power to protect. Only users with Rollback Rights are qualified for this power, and can request it after three months service as a Rollbacker and having made 500 mainspace edits.
  • Discussion Moderators have the power to remove; restore and close posts on the wiki's Forums and Discussions board. They can also delete Blog and Article Comments. Users who have experience as either Rollbackers or Chat Moderators are eligible for this promotion after three months service with those powers. As this power only involves social media, only 150 edits are required as with Chat Moderators.

Tier 2Edit

  • "Administrator", or "SysOp", is the core leadership on the wiki. They have all powers available to Discussion and Content Moderators, along with the power to block users; edit MediaWiki pages, and grant/revoke Chat and Discussion Moderator rights (but not Content Moderator rights). Tier 3 users may request this promotion after three months service with those powers and having made 1000 mainspace edits.

Tier 1Edit

  • "Bureaucrats" are the top-tier users on the Wiki, and have the power to appoint new Administrators and Bureaucrats. Tier 1 candidates must already be Administrators, and have served on the wiki in that capacity for over a year.

Rules of votingEdit

Rules on eligibility
  • A candidate must have the required number of edits and have been here long enough to qualify. No Exceptions.
  • Users with a history of abuse are exempt from promotions.
Rules on voting
  • All registered (signed-in) users who have been on the wiki at least thirty days and have made 50 mainspace edits are eligible to vote. Check your username HERE to see if you are eligible.
  • All voters must sign their votes with {{Approve}} or {{Oppose}}. Votes not using those templates will not be counted.
  • At least ten votes are required for an election to be validated - if not enough people vote it will be ignored.
  • Tier 4 and Tier 3 elections will last for FOURTEEN days, while Tier 2 and Tier 3 elections will last for one Calendar month (28-31 days). When the election is over (either through disqualification or the time running out) the Forum thread will be closed and no new votes accepted.
  • Administrator votes are considered more authoritative than user votes when opposing a candidate's request. In the unusual event that half of the wiki's Administrators {{Oppose}} a candidate, the election will automatically end.


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