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Further notes
  • Along with Resident Evil 0, the game came out for the Nintendo Wii on June 23, 2009 as part of the Resident Evil Archives. As with Resident Evil 4 Wii edition game, the game was outfitted with Wii pointer controls.
  • On the back cover, the S.T.A.R.S. team is incorrectly referred to as the Special Tactics And Rescue Squad, while in the manual and game, they are referred to by their real name, Special Tactics And Rescue Service.
  • Staircase camera angles had to be changed when it became apparent that the designers had chosen to add Jill's civilian clothes of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis as an unlockable costume so they could look up her skirt. The color of her underwear was also debated upon during design when the water fountain reflections were found to show them; in the end, "black" won.[1]
  • Director Shinji Mikami was used by the motion capture crew to represent white-shirted zombies.[citation needed]
  • Unlike The Original you can now run up and down the stairs freely instead of pressing the action button near them. This would simply mean that, they would have discarded all of the original 1st person cut scenes as far as going up or down the steps.[1]
  • There is an amusing easter egg with the computer lab in which you must enter the passwords. When trying to unlock the B2F door, if you enter "Mole", the correct password that was used in the original Resident Evil game, you will hear Tofu speaking. This will not unlock the B2F door though.
  • The unlockable Real Survivor mode revolves around playing the game with auto-aim disabled and that all item boxes are no longer linked, forcing players to back track to a specific item box than visiting any of them. This concept was initially to be used in the original Resident Evil before it was scrapped, but resurfaced in this version. The unlock screen for this mode even explains the original concept for the game.


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