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What Resident Evil Wiki is not

With a series as large as Resident Evil/biohazard, there are many supplementary works available, with some offering contradictory or dubious information. Below is a table of different information sources, explaining why its content should or should not be used as "official information" on the Resident Evil Wiki.

Table of sourcesEdit

Source Reliability Explanation Examples
Fan fiction N/A"Fan fiction" is content of no official nature whatsoever, written by a fan N/A
Fan website DependsGenerally no - even if the information is present on lots of websites (eg. Chris and Claire's parents dying in a car crash in 1994). The only exception to this rule is if they interviewed someone connected to the franchise, or if they have transcribed such an interview.Project Umbrella
Rumour website NoThese webpages/forums are devoted to complete fantasy. They may involve a complete denial of events in a game via conspiracy-theory logic, or claim to know the content of a future game (via the decades-old "My Uncle Works for Nintendo!" argument) through insider information. Even if the rumour did mention official content (eg. the RE6 leak confirming Jake Muller and his parentage), the information should not be allowed on the wiki, as Chinese Whispers-style Forum rumours will inevitably lead to fan-made content being added into the rumour.Piers being in RE7
Developer comments DependsGame developers may provide interesting information in interviews about the plot of their games. However, in some cases they may 'reveal' this information years later, and it may no longer reflect the current understanding if they have been "out of the loop" for years. If information from an interview appears contradictory to current standing information (ie. from Japanese game files from a new title), it should be placed within {{extracanon}}.Hideki Kamiya describing Birkin's intended role in Resident Evil 2
Capcom Japan guides YesThey are written or otherwise proof-read by Capcom Japan's biohazard team, who can verify the information.
Capcom guides outside of Capcom Japan NoInformation from Capcom subsidiaries such as Capcom USA are not from the biohazard team, and information may only relate to localized material.
Famitsu guides YesThese guidebooks are proof-read by "Capcom-Famitsu" as part of a joint-offer whereby the Capcom developers oversee the authorship. As such, Capcom-Famitsu publications are considered infallible at the time of their publications (granting the possibility of later changes to canon).biohazard4 kaitaishinsho
Non-"Capcom-Famitsu", Japanese guides DependsWhile the Enterbrain publications are watched-over by Capcom-Famitsu, other guidebook authors may not go to such lengths. These books - particularly those with interview transcripts - should be considered accurate
IMDb DependsThe Cast and Resume sections are dependent on confirmation from the production and the actors' agents. If the game's credits doesn't list any voice actors, this can be used so long as the <ref></ref> are a used. Information dependent on user-submission, such as their Trivia sections, should be ignored.
Augmented Reality Games (ARGs) DependsARGs developed by Capcom USA or associated companies are acceptable information, but are "self-contained" and not part of official canon, unlike ARGs written by Capcom Japan's biohazard staff.

Inserted Evil (No)
BSAA Remote Desktop (Yes)

BradyGames guides NoAny new additions to the storyline were written by DK-hired writers, and not by Capcom Japan's biohazard staff.
BradyGames localizations DependsThey can be accepted for a basic level of understanding, but are known for containing errors, and so a transcript of the untranslated paragraph is preferred to be offered alongside it.Resident Evil Archives

Further informationEdit

Famitsu, a popular Japanese gaming magazine company published by Enterbrain, Inc., worked with Capcom staff in the production of their guide books, and have a special deal with them regarding the information supplied. Consequently, the Kaitai Shinsho guides have been proof-read by Capcom before publishing, and their character and creature background information segments are considered trustworthy sources.

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