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When dealing with information that a reader might find questionable, the Resident Evil Wiki requires that the source of that information be presented to allow independent verification.

How to create a reference

On the Source editor, the coding for references - "reftags" - are typed with the information between "<ref>" and "</ref>". This creates a footnote that can be clicked on to send the reader to the source. Here is an example.[1]

Types of references

The Resident Evil Wiki uses certain standards in referencing content, which can be seen as the following formulae.

Files in a game

<ref>''[[Resident Evil 3: Nemesis]]'' (1999), file: "[[Jill's Diary]]".</ref> creates this.[2]

Cutscenes in a game

<ref>''[[Resident Evil 6]]'' (2012), scene: "[[Death of a President]]".</ref> creates this.[3]

Note the formula as: GAME (RELEASE YEAR), TYPE: "NAME".