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What Resident Evil Wiki is not

The Resident Evil Wiki is subject to a Spoiler policy regarding key plot points.

What is a Spoiler

A "spoiler" is a piece of information that can have an enormous impact on the reader/viewer/gamer's immersion into the plot if revealed ahead of its intended event by a third party. The Resident Evil Wiki, as an encyclopaedia, uses spoilers heavily. However, in the context of the page, all other usage of "Spoiler" will be in reference to primarily Plot-based information (such as character-development) regarding new releases.

When to add Spoilers

The [[Category:Spoiler]] JavaScript code is to be inserted into all Plot subpages. Other articles that will use Spoiler coding, such as characters, will include the code from its creation until one week after the "general release" (that is - at least one console-port is available in Japan; North America and Europe at the same time). Spoilers will be properly-allowed once the game is first officically released; as such, should Europe and the US share the same release date, the wiki will fall on a Eurocentric model and allow the publishing of major-spoilers, even when Pacific Daylight Savings time hasn't reached-up (eg. Los Angeles) yet. The Spoiler code will of course shield their eyes while this is going on.

When not to add Spoilers

Major spoilers released some time before the game or film's launch should not be inserted without citations to back-up that information. The reason for this is simple - it's not out yet, and we can't verify what you are saying. Because of this, it is best not to add in content from Leaks unless suitably-verifiable. For example, a text-only leak spreading along forum posts is not reliable, even if the contents of it are revealed to be true. The reason why it should not be accepted is because, due to Forum sites' nature, the post is probably a copy-paste from another. It is possible that one of the copy-pasters added in fanfiction into his entry in order to fool readers. Because of this, unverifiable information should not be accepted, because it would require clean-up if inaccurate.

Even when a major leak has occured, we cannot accept that they be released onto the wiki. Firstly, a number of SysOps and Rollbackers may 'go-dark' in the hopes of remaining spoiler-free. To protect them and anyone else who happens to use the wiki, but without having experienced the leak, it is advised that major Spoiler-additions be reverted outright. If their version points out a factual error in the old/new version of the page, it is advised that such a piece be blanked, rather than replaced with Spoilers.

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