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This page reflects the standard guidelines regarding the translation of Japanese names and their priority over the official English localization.

In-universe articles


  • Character biographies and names
  • Creature articles and names
  • Location names (e.g. regions, buildings)
  • Organization names
  • Events (e.g. bioterrorist attacks)

Names are part of the Lore, so are to take on a translation of the Japanese name, which reflects the choice of the scriptwriter. In regards to a character, there are different spellings for a particular name, you are to assume that their name is the most common spelling since it is the more likely name for the scriptwriter to be aware of.

Under this guideline, you are to assume that "Ingrid Hannigan" is a more-likely name than "Ingrid Hunnigan", and "Oswell E. Spencer" more likely than "Ozwell E. Spencer". Asking a senior member of the game's development team (if not the writers themselves) is also helpful in sorting out a situation - HUNK's kana name can be read as "Hank" and Sherry's kana name can be read as "Shelley". In both of these situations, Resident Evil 2 director Hideki Kamiya was asked (on Twitter and in a book, respectively).

Out-of-universe articles


  • Video game titles
  • Level names
  • Item names
  • File names

Whether a video game article uses the English or Japanese title is based on release. If a game were only released in Japan, with no hint of an English language release, the Japanese title is to remain as it is the only official name. Take into account that a title's name may be altered for the English version (e.g. GUNSURVIVOR4 BIOHAZARD HEROES NEVER DIE becoming Resident Evil: Dead Aim), so moves in this situation would be considered speculation.

In regards to level titles, the English name is used primarily, with the Japanese alternative offered in the introductory paragraph. The only exception to this are the Mercenaries stages in Resident Evil 4: in this case there are no official English names, with stage names (e.g. Waterworld) being fan terms.

For items and files, their names are to be kept as they are in the localization, with the {{Nihongo}} introducing the localization and original script names at the beginning of the article. In regards to articles, the Official Localization and Original Script are to be offered in their Transcription sections. An "Analysis" section underneath will describe the purpose of the file and then point out any flaws in the translation.

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