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    Raccoon City Storys

    June 2, 2020 by CRIXONOID

    with Kevin Ryman and Rita Phillips

    I have been dealing with the history of RE and Raccoon City again for the last few days and a thought occurred to me. These two officers of the RPD need their own e…

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  • Firestorm808
    • Timeline by events
    • Timeline by media
    • Progenitor Virus
    • Tyrant Virus
    • Golgotha Virus

      • Special Tactics and Rescue Service
      • NEST
      • Albert Wesker
      • Rebecca Chambers
      • Billy Coen
      • Chris Redfield
      • Jill Va…

    Read more >
  • Forerunner

    Hey folks, Forerunner here. As Resident Evil 3 is now officially out in Japan, Australia and New Zealand (among others), we will no longer be able to commit to keeping spoiler content off the Wiki. Readers in the Western Hemisphere nations such as Canada and the United States are strongly advised to…

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