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Welcome to the Resident Evil Wiki, your choice for all that is Resident Evil! This site offers readers access to an incredible amount of information on the Resident Evil franchise, ranging from major game releases to compendium guides. For those who wish to join this epic journey of immersing yourself into this expansive universe, don't miss out on important Wiki and Resident Evil-related updates; join the Wiki to track recent changes and news with ease and for free!
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  • Firestorm808
    • Timeline by events
    • Timeline by media
    • Progenitor Virus
    • Tyrant Virus
    • Golgotha Virus

      • Special Tactics and Rescue Service
      • NEST
      • Albert Wesker
      • Rebecca Chambers
      • Billy Coen
      • Chris Redfield
      • Jill Va…

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  • Forerunner

    Hey folks, Forerunner here. As Resident Evil 3 is now officially out in Japan, Australia and New Zealand (among others), we will no longer be able to commit to keeping spoiler content off the Wiki. Readers in the Western Hemisphere nations such as Canada and the United States are strongly advised to…

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  • Forerunner

    Hey guys, Forerunner here. This is an FAQ I'm writing for uses of the Fandom App and Discussions feature. I hope this can be of use for new users confused about aspects of the website. Leave a message in the Comments section if you can, so I know what else could be added.

    The Resident Evil franchise…

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  • ...that Jill Valentine is of Japanese heritage through her mother's side?
  • ...That 2000's scrapped "Stylish" version of Resident Evil 4 was to feature Spencer's son as the protagonist?
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