Just how official is all of this?

RE3: What's Official? Edit

Leon Kennedy by Pilislayer
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The canon page needs to be changed. No single scenario is absolute canon, especially where RE2 and Outbreak are concerned. Events from both scenarios in all the games that have multiple scenarios are canon. It is a game, not a linear story. Example; Chris is the one who witnesses Wesker get killed by the Tyrant, but Wesker also really tricks Barry into working for him, which is in Jill's scenario. For the game there might appear to be only one correct scenario, but for the story both scenarios are blended. Another example is that while Sherry was infected in RE2, Ada's falling in the Leon A/Claire B scenario is more likely to be canon, as Leon states in RE4 that Ada is "like a part of me I can't let go." The page needs to be altered to make it clear that there is no single canon scenario; just a scenario that is closer to the canon than the other, but neither is totally complete.Teen Tyrant 18:11, 6 December 2008 (UTC)

This RE2 scenario is canon. Edit

Claire A, Leon B is the canon scenario. Since in RE2's digest it says Sherry was infected and this only happens in Claire A, Leon B.

end of the road Edit

in end of the road canon, it states that david saves linda but fights nyx, but ada fights the tyrant-R so that means that the true ending would be david and linda escape in the helicopter WITHOUT nyx being realeased.The x reaper 13:01, 26 October 2008 (UTC)

possibly how barry survived in RE:1 Edit

although Chris's scenario is canon, there might be a reason why barry is still alive this day. i've only played the Original Resident evil (1996 playstation) so if i make any mistakes between the remake and further ports, please correct me. i remember in Jill's part of the game, Chris didn't make it inside the mantion and Jill, Barry and Wesker herd a gun shot (from kenneth before he is eaten by a zombie), then they all went to investigate besides Wesker, he might of went back outaide and captured Chris and inprisioned him at the bottom of the Mansion. so POSSIBLY, in chris's part of the game, he herd a gun shot which was kenneth, Wesker inprisoned Jill, Barry might of gotten into the mansion abit later and got to the chopper at the last minute. just a sudgestion of how he is still alive. --User:AngusNitro41

People has agreed that the canon event is a mixed, please noted that the ending scenes of their respective sceranios only feature 3 members. Whereas the RE3 prologue present 4 member Chris, Jill, Barry and Rebecca. I think the story should be a mix between two sceranios and even umbrella choronicles and RE5 file, my theory of the events are:

+ Barry, Jill & Wesker enter the mansion first. Wesker stays back, Barry & Jill left for Kenneth gunshot.

+ Chris stumple in the mansion right after Barry & Jill leave, wandered to the 2nd floor learn of Forest demise.

+ Jill and Barry come back, but because they don't leave the hall, they couldn't find Chris on the other side of the mansion. By this time, Wesker has locked most of the doors.

+ While Jill explore the first floor, Chris met Rebecca and tried to cure Richard poison. Barry did save Jill from the Shotgun trap.

+ By the time Jill enter the attic, Richard has been already in Infirmary.

+ Chris fight the elder crimson head. Jill fight the Yawn.

+ It make more sense Jill/Barry met first Lisa Trevor in her cabin. As with Wesker personality, he won't warn his teamate about Lisa. 

+ Jill listen to Barry talking to himself and kill plant 42, Chris goes down to the ladder under the fountain, find Enrico and Lisa.

+ Jill met Wesker and went back to the mansion. Chris also went back to the mansion.

+ While Jill fight the Yawn the second time, Chris arrive the lab first with Rebecca follow him right after.

+ Technically, Chris, Jill, Barry & Rebecca met Wesker at the same time. The sequence is that Wesker hit Jill, shot rebecca, subdue Chris, being shot by Barry. He turn on the Tyrant anyway and got killed.

+ Rebecca left the group to turn-on the self-destruct sequence, meanwhile Chris, Jill & Barry get to the emergency exit. 

+ After that, while Rebecca run for the emergency exit, the Tyrant fight ensured with Chris knock out unconcious, Barry & Jill fight. Rebecca arrived right at the end of the fight.

--- Kimberly Archer

What about Code Veronica? Edit

Was none of Code Veronica canon? If they've mentioned Hunk talking to Alfred in Hunk's official story, so how is CV left out?

We don't really need CV. I mean, 1, 2, 3, 4 and Outbreak are notable because their storylines can alter coarse (ie. Rebecca can die in 1 and it affects the ending...but we know she survives). Code: Veronica doesn't have alternating scenarios and so theirs not as much need to include it in the article.Forerunner 23:11, 28 October 2008 (UTC)

RE3 needs more info Edit

well, yeah it does since all it has is that Jill killed Nemesis, but i reakon there should be more info such as which life decisions where canon, did Jill meat Carlos in the hotel or press office?, did Nicholai die from nemesis or got away in the chopper? did Barry Save Carlos and Jill? it needs more infomation! also there should be info on Code veronica since it ain't a spinoff --Angus Nitro

Leon Kennedy by Pilislayer
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The only reason that RE3's section doesn't have much info is because we had a little revision war back in the day. An IP was warring, stating that Barry didn't show, a user was trying to counter, saying that he did show, and it ended up with about 50 undoings from both sides, and they both got this page locked so that only the sysops can use it. Unless we can confirm which was canon, we're probably gonna leave that section with just,"Jill kills The Nemesis".

ah, i see, understood. seeing is how your an Admin, could you atleast add a tiny bit of info on Code Veronica? --Angus Nitro

RE1 Canon Edit

The only evidence that Chris' scenario is canon is that Wesker hates Chris? Is that really the only evidence? He could hate him for a million reasons, there seems to be more hard proof saying that Jill's was canon. For instance, Barry's Epilogue in 3 states that he betrayed STARS, and they forgave him. Also Wesker seems to tell more to Jill about his plan, he doesn't even tell Chris that he plans to steal the research and stuff. Is there any other evidence supporting Chris'? Otherwise I think it should be changed to Jill. (Oh and I think this should seriously be unlocked, because this is something that needs constant editing and the revision war is long over). -- Xell Khaar 05:18, 20 February 2009 (UTC)

The really big thing besides Wesker's hating Chris is that Rebecca survives. She does not appear in Jill's game at all.

Barry also survives, though he is missing in Chris's game. Wesker could have easily been blackmailing him long before the mansion incident and could have had him working behind the scenes in the mansion. --Peroxwhy gen 18:35, 7 April 2009 (UTC)

RE 3 canon Edit

The last page of the RE 5 PAL manual gives a history of RE and its says "Jill defeats the Nemesis T-TYpe and escapes with the help of Barry Burton" so it seems he was there. This also opens up the chance that Nicholai also go out of the city before the bombing.

Updates neededEdit

A few things need to be changed/added:

  • Resident Evil 1 needs to include infromation from Jill's scenario. As Xell Khaar pointed out, Barry's RE3 epilogue mentions him betraying the others, which only happens in Jill's scenario.
  • Resident Evil 3 should be expanded a little. Barry's involvement should be included since the RE5 PAL manual (if not others) says he was there.
  • Code: Veronica should be added. Since this article details the canon, REC:V should be included. Forerunner said that it isn't here because the story doesn't alternate but RE4 doesn't either.
  • Resident Evil 5 should be included as well.
  • Umbrella's End should also be added.

-The 4th Snake 20:50, 17 March 2009 (UTC)

  • The file about Jill in RE5 states that both she and Chris acted independantly so there is no single canon scenario. Events that only occur for one character (e.g. Chris meeting Rebecca) can be listed as definite while events that occur but differ for both (e.g. Enrico's death) should be listed with both possbilities included. - The 4th Snake 18:35, 21 March 2009 (UTC)

Outbreak: Decisions Decisions Yoko cant be there Edit

If you select George(the canon character anyway) it is impossible to have yoko in the group since you can't pick your team which is Kevin and Cindy in this scenario

Perhaps the groups canonically split up? - The 4th Snake 18:35, 21 March 2009 (UTC)

but how would yoko get there?

Degeneration? Edit

Has it been confirmed whether or RE:D is canon or not?--Leon1494 18:15, 7 April 2009 (UTC)

The game was made to bridge the gap between the old series, RE4 and RE5 and was made by CAPCOM so...yes.--

Forerunner 18:24, 7 April 2009 (UTC)

Degeneration is canon, considering how Capcom was completely involved in the making of the movie. Kamiya even stated in the interview that Degeneration is Resident Evil 4.5.Dibol 06:23, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

Gaiden? Edit

It has been frequently disputed about Gaiden's place in the canon. I have been placing the game under the "Alternate timeline" sections for both the Leon S. Kennedy and Barry Burton articles only to end up in an edit war with Forerunner over this. From my take, as well as an anonymous IP's take on this situation, if one game isn't acknowledged by any of the games in the main series, it should warrant an "alternate timeline" section, as those stories seem to serve more of a "what-if" type of story. As it stands, the ending of the game alone already screamed out that the game is obviously not canon period. As for why it should warrant an "alternate timeline" section, I've already seen another case with a similar series, such as Metal Gear: Ghost Babel's (Metal Gear Solid for the Game Boy Color) relationship with the Metal Gear franchise. Sure, Hideo Kojima and company at Konami was involved with writing and directing the game, but nothing ever mentioned about Snake's second infiltration to Outer Heaven in any of the other games and served more of a "what-if" story.Dibol 06:23, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

Nicholai survived Edit

it should be noted that he escaped in the helicopter due to the file from RE: Survivor that he signed 21:36, 24 April 2009 (UTC)

In the original Japanese localisation, all reports in that file are written by Nicholai with the exception of the final report. The final report was written AFTER October 1st.-- Forerunner 21:57, 24 April 2009 (UTC)

can we just accept that he lived? because isnt one of the main themes in the RE series to escape with as many characters alive as possible?

Yes, but NOT when it involves villains.

Nicholai did escape with the helicopter and made it out alive. why? well if you finished Decisions Decisions on Resident Evil: OUTBREAK (with any ending, doesn't matter). after the credits are finished, you see a cutscene of raccoon city completely blown up, then you can hear Nicholai speaking to one of the reasearchers on the phone. so this makes it that Jill didn't blow him up with the rocket launcher in RE3 -- User:AngusNitro41

more details Edit

after you defeat Nemesis (when jill gets infected by the T-virus), Carlos takes Jill to a room for her to rest and says " It looks like our roles have been reversed from when we originally met huh?". so that means that they met in the sales office and it happens in any path you choose from up to there. and Jill finished off Nemesis with the Magnum before Barry saves her as stated in the RE5 manual

also in the ending of End of the road in RE: OUTBREAK file#2 (saving linda or not, chopper ending or truck ending, doesn't matter) i THINK you can see Cindy in her "ON VACCATION" outfit with the remaining survivours looking at Raccon City geting nuked. was she in the chopper or something or followed David during the whol scenario?

lastly, George's ending is canon in Decisions Decisions since Yoko, ain't with him when you pick him for that level (your forced to have Cindy and kevin with you) --Angus Nitro

Lone Wolf Edit

Perhaps Lone Wolf is the canon for Outbreak? I mean...the cutscenes that make it to the cutscene library are ones that exclude the other survivors. If this happened only when watching from the Library, that makes sense... but for cutscenes to completely exclude the other survivors if present in-game... that's notable.

Perhaps Yoko IS the canon character of Decisions, Decisions and that George dies.-- Forerunner 16:27, 12 July 2009 (UTC)

Zero Edit

What 'bout zero? Hallooooo? Am I blinded by the massives of information here or this one is really not presented?--Wesser 19:28, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

There is no point in a Zero section. This article deals with when you could travel different paths, or which scenario is canon. These altering paths ceased after three games, Zero was not one of them.-- Forerunner 19:37, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

Wow? why then you do talk on da REC:V & RE5? They also are...--Wesser 19:47, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

Those were added by other people.-- Forerunner 19:50, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

Sorry, ma companion, more enlighted on this matter (seriously). I also don't want to irritate you with my idle talks, but i'ma not wondering at the talk page - if ye don't mind... I am confused by the article itself--Wesser 20:00, 5 August 2009 (UTC)

Unlisted Edit

Another question: missing stuff is obviously canonic or obviously not?--Wesser 10:34, 6 August 2009 (UTC)

Neither. Unlisted stuff are games with linear gameplay, no "alternate paths" and no "alternative character scenario". Resident Evils 4 and 5 fit perfectly into this, along with Code: Veronica. The reason for the page's existence is written at the top of the article.-- Forerunner 13:00, 6 August 2009 (UTC)

Can I suggest, speaking politely, to... change somehow the "top of the article"? 'Cause just shaking the bonebag of personal thoughts on a matter of Canon can confuse those willing to get familiar with the entire series or have gaps due to not having all the instolements played (this is ME). I mean.. in sense of bringing in consensual:) table of Canon with the respect of Wiki "nature"...--Wesser 14:45, 7 August 2009 (UTC)

Nothing Should Be Canon Edit

Teen Tyrant is right...these are games, not a linear story. RE4 and RE games after it don't seem to fit the Resident Evil storyline. RE4 was originally going to be something else, same with RE5. The older games seem to had been made so that the player can make their own story. That's really nice. The Chronicle games are re-told on-rail shooters, so they aren't fully canon. Degeneration would had been canon if it wasn't for one scene in the movie, and that is the Resident Evil 2 flashback. By how it started out, it looked as if it was supposed to be the part where Leon and Claire run away from the zombies and Leon sees the police car they escape with in the beginning of Resident Evil 2, but instead the scene showed Leon and Claire shooting their guns at zombies. This is where it really bugged me off, the part showed Claire shooting a SHOTGUN...a weapon she can't get in RE2 at all. I guess another thing I should point out was their RE2 appearances in the movie. They looked like their Degeneration counterparts. Leon and Claire should had looked a bit younger in that scene. Doesn't Degeneration take place years after RE2? That means they're a bit older in the movie, but younger in the game. That's my opinion.Nightcaster460 (talk) 18:02, April 9, 2017 (UTC)

I'm confused as to what you're actually trying to say. How exactly do Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 not 'fit' into the story line? And if your point is that the older games were non-linear so you could play the story your own way (and therefore there is no 'real' canon in the game), why would Degeneration be non-canon for conflicting with your personal play style? -- Forerunner 18:31, April 9, 2017 (UTC)
Resident Evil 4 was originally going to be scarier, and it had a different story. It got changed however and RE4 became more action oriented. Resident Evil 5 originally had a completely different story, and Capcom was actually going to use it...however, the controversy that surrounded the game has forced Capcom to change it and add Co-Op. I didn't say Degeneration isn't canon because of my play style, I said it isn't canon because Claire used a shotgun instead of a bowgun in the flashback scene. Nightcaster460 (talk) 19:31, April 9, 2017 (UTC)
A game having had its plot changed during development doesn't make it non-canon, and as far as I can remember the bowgun only exists in gameplay. I feel like you're going by a different definition of canon than what most of us are and that's causing some confusion. ParallelTraveler 20:26, April 9, 2017 (UTC)
Having a different story early in development does not at all make the finished version non-canon. If anything, it makes the early version non-canon. Resident Evil 5's plot may have changed along the way, but most of the changes were before the "race controversy". About the biggest changes that can be verified is Sheva having a more active involvement in the story. In regards to Degeneration, Capcom fully accepts it as part of its canon, and its storyline appears in official timelines. The discrepancy can be ignored by either accepting that ten seconds of the movie is 'flimsy' and shouldn't be taken literally, or that Claire could have used a shotgun while in Raccoon City and that it is only gameplay limitations that prevented us from seeing it in Resident Evil 2.-- Forerunner 20:29, April 9, 2017 (UTC)

I know what canon means. It wasn't limitations that prevented Claire from using a shotgun, it's just that Leon can already use that weapon. Having Claire use one would make her a bit more similar to him. By the way, the Spanish spoken in RE4 wasn't from Spain. What Capcom used was normal Spanish. Sorry for going on like this. Nightcaster460 (talk) 00:53, April 10, 2017 (UTC)

I don't think the dialect really matters that much in terms of canon. It's a fault of the recording studio and actor agencies Capcom hired, who picked up random Spanish-speaking actors from North America who couldn't speak the varieties of Castilian. Either see the Spanish in Europe as being 'different' in this universe, or imagine that they're speaking the proper dialect.-- Forerunner 18:08, April 10, 2017 (UTC)
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