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This page is a listing of comics in the Resident Evil franchise.



"Manga" is a style of Japanese comics. All three manga series were originally released only in Japan, are all part of Capcom's main universe, and act as tie-in products to certain console games to promote them before release.

Image Name First issue release date(s) Tie-in to
BLAHbiohazard 01 00 BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CHRONICLES: Prelude to the Fall
  • JP 8 November 2007
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
Resident Evil Vol 1 The Marhawa Desire Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire
  • JP 8 June 2012
  • NA 18 November 2014
Resident Evil 6
Couv BIOHAZARD heavenly island
  • JP 6 March 2015
Resident Evil: Revelations 2
Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps
Death island - Manga Cover BIOHAZARD Death Island
  • JP 15 May 2023

WildStorm publications[]

WildStorm is a Western comics book publishing company that was given license to produce their own Resident Evil comics.

Image Name First issue release date(s)
RE Magazine 1 Resident Evil: The Official Comic Magazine March 1998
Resident Evil Collection One Resident Evil: Collection One 29 October 1999
Fire and Ice issue 1 Resident Evil: Fire and Ice December 2000
Resident Evil Code Veronica Issue 1 Resident Evil: CODE:Veronica July 2002
Resident Evil Vol 2 Issue 1 Resident Evil May 2009


Manhua are Chinese comics. Five separate manhua series were officially licensed, split between two studios: King's Fountain and Tinhagse. All manhua have only been released in China and although are adaptations of specific games, heavily deviate from the original story lines.

Image Name First issue release date(s)
BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.1 - front cover BIO HAZARD 2 7 February 1998
BIOHAZARD 3 Extended Version VOL.1 - front cover BIOHAZARD 3 Supplemental Edition
BIOHAZARD CODE Veronica VOL.1 - front cover Biohazard CODE:Veronica
Biohazard 0 VOL.1 - front cover biohazard 0 2003


Image Name First issue release date(s)
Resident Evil Marvel Comics - front cover Resident Evil April 1996
The first mission panel 1 The first mission!
BIOHAZARD the Toon issue 1 cover BIOHAZARD the Toon 12 February 2016
Bio Illustrated Essay Issue 1 Bio Illustrated Essay 6 January 2017
ID Beginning - Tradepack Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness - The Beginning 21 December 2022