Resident Evil

  • When the lasers are activated, Olga Danilova looking straight at the oncoming laser. The scene then continues, with her turning her head, surprised by the oncoming laser.[1]
  • Rain's bandage appears and disappears throughout the movie.[2]

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

  • Jill Valentine reloads her gun twice at the R.P.D She also walks into the R.P.D. without a shoulder strap but has one on when she talks to the captain.
  • When L.J. opens the closet in the classroom, the skeleton falls right in front of him. But when the actual zombie attacks him, the skeleton is on the far left.

Resident Evil: Extinction

  • When Carlos hides under the truck, a zombie holds his leg. He fires one round from pistol and there's no round left. But he still shoots the second zombie coming from the side.


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