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This page is a listing of novels in the Resident Evil franchise.


S. D. Perry series[]

For more information about the book series, see S.D. Perry series.

Rights to publish a line of Resident Evil novels was acquired by Simon & Schuster for their Pocket Books imprint in 1998 following the release of Resident Evil 2. Pocket Books initially wanted Steve Perry to write the novels, but instead tasked his daughter Stephani Danelle Perry on his own advise. S.D. Perry would write a total of seven Resident Evil books for Pocket Books, with five novelisations of games and two original stories. Capcom USA gave little input in the novels, and Perry had no access to story notes, relying instead on game manuals and Resident Evil: The Book for inspiration. After Pocket Books' rights expired, existing publishing rights were picked up by Titan Books.

Image Name First issue release date(s)
RE TUC Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy
    Resident Evil Caliban Cove - Pocket Books front cover Resident Evil: Caliban Cove
      City of the Dead Resident Evil: City of the Dead
        Underworld Resident Evil: Underworld
          Nemesis novel Resident Evil: Nemesis
            Code Veronica novel Resident Evil: Code Veronica
              Zero Hour Resident Evil: Zero Hour

                Movie Novelizations[]

                With the success of the live-action Resident Evil films, Pocket Books began publishing novelizations based on the series; all three were written by Keith R.A. DeCandido. After their rights expired Titan Books eventually published two more, written by John Shirley, and Tim Waggoner, although no novelization of the fourth film in the series, Afterlife, was ever published.

                Image Name Author Release date(s)
                Genesis novel Resident Evil: Genesis Keith R.A. DeCandido 2003
                Resident Evil Apocalypse (Novel) Resident Evil: Apocalypse Keith R.A. Decandido 2004
                Resident Evil Extinction (Novel) Resident Evil: Extinction Keith R.A. Decandido 2007
                Resident Evil Retribution - The Official Movie Novelization Resident Evil: Retribution John Shirley 2012
                Resident Evil The Final Chapter - novel front cover Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Tim Waggoner 2017

                Osamu Makino novels[]

                Image Name Release date(s)
                BIOHAZARD novel - front cover BIOHAZARD 1 July 2002
                Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles 1 - front cover Biohazard The Umbrella Chronicles SIDE A December 2007
                Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles 2 - front cover Biohazard The Umbrella Chronicles SIDE B 25 January 2008
                Biohazard DAMNATION novel cover biohazard DAMNATION October 2012

                Grand Novel Prize[]

                Three novels were published through submissions through the BIOHAZARD Grand Novel Prize contest.

                Image Name Notes Release date(s)
                Black winged resident cover The Black-Winged Resident April 2002
                Rose Blank - Japanese front cover BIOHAZARD Rose Blank 25 March 2002
                To the Liberty BIOHAZARD to the Liberty 25 March 2002


                Image Name Notes Release date(s)
                Resident Evil - The Book Resident Evil: The Book Stand-alone reprint of the novella in BIO HAZARD The True Story Behind BIO HAZARD 1997
                BIO HAZARD The Wicked North Sea slip cover BIO HAZARD The Wicked North Sea 31 January 1998
                81lnUnQAfpL BIOHAZARD VENDETTA May 2017