Reunion is a cutscene in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. It is played during the seventh chapter of "Game of Oblivion".



Chris: "Claire! Claire!"

Claire: "Chris... Chris!"
"I've been so worried!"

Chris: "You kidding me?
I thought tough girls like you didn't get worried?"

Claire: "What happened? How did you get here!?"

Chris: "Leon contacted me."

Claire: "Leon...? You know him!?"

Chris: "Yeah, he tracked me down right after you went missing."
"Look... Claire, we can talk about this later."
But we gotta get outta here first."

Claire: "Wait... Steve... He's here, somewhere."
"We can't leave without him."
"You're Alexia Ashford...!"

Alexia: "Oh, you know my name."

Claire: "I thought you were dead!?"

Alexia: "No. I've just been hibernating for fifteen years... ... to become one with the Veronica virus."

Claire: "The Veronica Virus?"

Alexia: "I still have some experiments to perform. Would you care to play along?"
"Your friend awaits you in the Coliseum You don't want to be late."

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