"Revealed" is a cutscene in Resident Evil 0.[1] The scene introduces the Queen Leech boss.


This scene explains the backstory of James Marcus during the time of his assassination.

Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen arrived at the B9 microwave furnace room, only to find a significantly large amount of leeches around the area, including on the railings. The mysterious man then arrives at a balcony and "welcomes" them and thanks them for joining the party as the "guests of honor", cruelly adding that it's their wake. Billy then demands to know his identity. The man then "obliges" by rapidly aging, causing them to realize that he was in fact Dr. James Marcus, with Rebecca being in disbelief. Marcus, with a chuckle, then reveals that years prior, Spencer had ordered for his assassination.

Upon a closeup of his eye, it then flashes back to the past from his point of view. Marcus is working his first t-Virus leech before a loud commotion distracts him. He then turns around and finds two masked men run in and point assault rifles at him. They then shot up the place, hitting him with several rounds and destroying a lot of the equipment, he then collapses on the floor, with the leech then falling into his mouth. Albert Wesker and William Birkin, at the time his students, then arrived in and made clear they had been involved in the assassination, with Wesker coldly telling their former mentor that it was time to die, with Birkin adding that he'll take over Marcus's research while laughing at his fate, with Marcus weakly calling their names as he was dying. His body is then thrown into the same pool that his failed test subjects were disposed of. Marcus then explains that his first leech, the queen leech, then proceeded to use the proceeding years to use the t-Virus to "procreate" his new life.

At the present day, Marcus, now back to his younger self, declares he now lives, and now intends to have revenge on Umbrella and create hell on Earth while laughing maniacally. Billy then tells Marcus that he'll pay for his actions, with Marcus then declaring that they'll see which of them will die. However, he then unexpectedly spasms mid-laugh and vomits leeches as well as undergoing a metamorphosis, revealing that "Marcus" was in fact the Queen Leech taking his human form. The last shreds of Marcus's humanity were undone as the Queen Leech reverts to its true form and jumps down the balcony to confront Rebecca and Billy.


MYSTERIOUS BEAUTIFUL MAN: Welcome, young ones. So glad you have joined the party. You are the guests of honor. After all, it's your wake.

BILLY COEN: Who are you?
Dr. Marcus?

REBECCA CHAMBERS: No, you can't be. What's going on?

MYSTERIOUS BEAUTIFUL MAN: 10 years ago Spencer had me assassinated.

ALBERT WESKER: Time to die, Doctor.

WILLIAM BIRKIN: I will take over your research.

JAMES MARCUS: Wesker... Birkin...

MYSTERIOUS BEAUTIFUL MAN: However, something wondrous happened. It took the T-Virus inside of my queen years to procreate my new life.

I live. Now I will have my revenge on Umbrella and the world will burn in an inferno of hate!

BILLY COEN: You'll pay for what you've done!

MYSTERIOUS BEAUTIFUL MAN: We'll see which one of us is gonna die!

謎の美青年: "ようこそ"

ビリー: "お前は!?"

レベッカ: "そんな!?"

謎の美青年: "10年前…"

ウェスカー: "所長    あんたには死んでもらう"

バーキン: "t-ウィルスは    私が引き受けますよ"

マーカス博士: "ウェスカー…バーキン……"

謎の美青年: "だが…奇跡は起こった"
"女王ヒルの持つt ウィルスが"

ビリー: "ふざけるんじゃねぇ!"

謎の美青年: "ならば    私は止めてみるか!?"

Further notes

  • The player cannot enter the B9 passage B for the first time without teaming up Billy and Rebecca. However, the player can split them up in the passage and enter the furnace room with only Billy or Rebecca. Regardless of this, they will both still be featured in the cutscene and in the following battle as if they had entered the room together.
  • In the Japanese version, the mysterious beautiful man, when explaining how he lives despite the assassination attempt, used more graphic wording regarding his plans, as he stated he wanted to create hell on earth. The localization changes it to a more campy "inferno of hate."


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