Further notes

Revenants can both deal out and take a lot of damage. They will only die when their core is destroyed. Their core is hidden inside their bodies and Natalia's senses will show which body part it is in. Each limb, their heads, and body can each be hit and visually show damage separately. Doing so much damage will make them fall over to the ground briefly. Stealth attacks can be used on them by sneaking up on them and after covering them in smoke from a Smokescreen Bottle. A follow-up attack can be used on them after knocking them over with an explosive. They can die without the player specifically hitting their core from being set on fire by Firebomb Bottles or explosive barrels, and also from fire ammo in Raid Mode.

The Revenant's core will never be in the torso unless a stealth attack is used, meaning any ammo shot at the chest is just a waste of bullets.

Revenants can have variations with weapon arms or stronger legs that take more hits to destroy and reveal the core if in that body part. Revenants can crawl on all fours to quickly reach the player if alerted and far away.

In the "Extra Episode: Little Miss", they will not react to footsteps, they can only detect Natalia by vision.

Physical attack usable? No
Stealth attack usable? Yes
Follow-up attack usable? Yes
Reaction to Smoke bottles Stops moving
Follows Decoy bottles? Yes
Affected by Flashlight? N/A
Countdown bonus
Record Title Clear condition Reward
Revenant Reaper Defeat 100 Revenant. Revenant Figurine
Disarmed Destroy 30 Revenant weapon arms.
(Episodes One through Four)
1000 BP


Encounter Location Description
Barry Episode One
Barry Episode Two
Barry Episode Three
Barry Episode Four
Extra Episode: The Struggle
Extra Episode: Little Miss



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