"The M36 Chief Special. It uses 38 special rounds."
— Item description

The Revolver is a special handgun that only appears the "wild things" chapter of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 while playing on HARD and VERY HARD mode. The weapon is identified as a Smith & Wesson M36 Chief Special in the examine screen.

The gun is located inside the Elephant Restaurant on Hard difficulty. On Very Hard, the gun is found In front of Elephant Restaurant. Another gun is found inside a bucket in the Stage on Very Hard; if playing on Hard, Revolver Rounds will be found instead.

This five-shot revolver uses its own ammunition, Revolver Rounds, different from 9mm Parabellum. It inflicts more damage than the standard handgun, but ammo for it is very scarce. Like the Magnum Revolver, this gun can also use a speedloader to reload it faster. It does 200 damage.

  • About 2-3 boxes of Revolver Rounds and one Speedloader can be located in the Zoo, and each box contains twenty rounds.
  • Even though it is more powerful than the handgun, the AI partners will consider it as a weaker version, and will attempt to discard it if they have other choices.
  • The Revolver also appears in the Elimination 1 on Very Hard Difficulty. Plenty of speedloaders are also scattered throughout the game.



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