Further notes

Ricardo Irving's mutant body is separated into four parts with their own unique health values:[1]

  • Parasite (12000)
  • Tentacle A (8500)
  • Tentacle B (immortal)
  • Irving's body (13000)


The moves and stats are provided by the BIOHAZARD 5 kaitaishinsho - revised edition guide.[2]

Attack Damage
Piercing (突き刺し Tsukisashi?) 200
Wrapping (巻きつき Maki-tsuki?)
Whipping (ムチ叩き Muchi tataki?) 180
Biting (かみつき Kamitsuki?) 300 or Instant Death

Irving will be encountered during Chapter 3-3 upon reaching the Patrol Boat.

As a mutated monster, Irving will swim around the area, his vulnerable area is the lighter circular patch of skin on its "forehead". It will light up red when damaged.

One of Irving's attacks involves ducking under the water and sticking out multiple tentacles that have spikes on the end. While out, they one by one rise up and attempt to crush the player. If the player is near where they are aiming, they can be dodge via quick time event. These have a tendency to lock onto the position of where the player was when their attack starts, meaning they can easily be evaded by constantly moving around. The player can damage and destroy these by shooting at their middle bulging sections. After destroying enough, Irving will reemerge from the water and will be open to attack.

One prompt involves Irving staying under and using squid-like tentacles. They will either try to ram the player or grab one of them and do damage by squeezing. All of tentacles these can be shot at to make them retract. A different prompt uses the same kind of tentacles but instead will quickly emerge and slap downward onto the ship. These can be dodge by quick time event or shot at.

Rarely, Irving will poke his head out over the ship with his jaws open to soon clamp down and bite the player which does a large amount of damage. This can be dodged by quick time event or moved out of the way. This can be predicted by watching his icon on the map to see if it appears to be charging at the boat.

After taking a set amount of damage, for the remainder of the fight Irving will grab the back of the boat and open his mouth, revealing the remains of his human body on his tongue and remaining stationary. During this phase, his tongue body and tentacles holding the boat are vulnerable and after taking so much damage, he will be defeated.

He will now only have two different attacks. One involves quickly letting go of the boat, submerging himself, and then lunging out to bite. This can be avoided by backing up or performing the quick time event to dodge. His other attack is spawning his spiked tentacles while still exposed. These will behave the same way they did earlier.

Throughout the fight, damaging his tentacles can cause them to drop ammo if the player has a low amount in their inventory. Hitting Irving anywhere during the first phase with a Rocket launcher (the item, not the ones on the gun turrets), will automatically do enough damage to move onto the second phase of the fight.



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