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Ricardo Irving (リカルド・アーヴィング?) is a file on BSAA Remote Desktop.


Ricardo Irving

Age: Unknown
Affiliation: Tricell Africa Branch
Resource Development Division

His personality is haughty and arrogant. Violent attitude. A person who worships money.
On the surface, he's the director of the oil field owned by Tricell Africa Branch's resource development department, his identity turned out to be the Merchant of Death that supplies Bio Organic Weapons (B.O.W.s) to the black market.
However, there is no fact that Tricell is developing B.O.W., and since he himself is in the resource development department, not the pharmaceutical department, the B.O.W. trafficking is considered to be his personal tort.

Futhermore, he was part of the 1998's Raccoon City tragedy, there's an uncertain record of being in the city, but it's difficult to confirm because most records are lost.


年齢: 不明
所属: トライセル・アフリカ支社

性格は尊大で横柄。 態度は粗暴。 徹底した拝金主義者。
その正体は生体生物兵器(B.O.W.) を闇市場へと供給する死の商人であると最近判明した。
ただし、 トライセルでB.O.W.の開発を行っている事実はなく、 さらには彼自身が製薬部門ではなく
資源開発部門の人間であるため、 B.O.W.の密売は彼の個人的な不法行為であると考えられる。

なお、 彼は1998年ラクーン市の惨劇の際、 同市にいたとされる不確かな記録があるが、 大部分の記録が