Extracanonical subject
(Unique game aspects not part of story canon)

Richard was an officer in the Federal Bioterrorism Commission. He was part of a mission to the Queen Zenobia cruise liner, where he was killed by an Ooze.



Richard was sent by the FBC on a mission to the Queen Zenobia, he was eventually ambushed and killed by several Ooze creatures, and after that he started mutating, while being semi-revived and conscious once again he wrote and left a diary behind. He was eventually taken over by the T-Abyss Virus and completely mutated beyond recognition, It is presumed he also stalks Jill Valentine as in the final version. It's unknown if Rachel Foley was present or if she had a different role at this stage.


Richard appears in the Resident Evil: Revelations pilot demo that came with Mercenaries 3D. Rachel Foley replaced him in the final version of the game.

References to Richard still exist in the code and files of the final game, along with references to his Memo/Diary, few of those interesting references include:

''RichardRoomL, RichardRoomR, cZombieBaseStateTurnBackRichardRoom, uZombieRichard, uItFileRichardMemo, uOMRichard''


Most of them are related to actions of the AI, Hinting that Richard was to also stalk the player through the ducts. Before he was replaced, he is last seen in the E3 2011 Trailer of the final game, after that he was replaced entirely with Rachel.



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