Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Ricky (リッキー rikkī?) was an employee of the Kite Bros. Railway, the company that ran one of two Raccoon City's subways until its destruction in October 1998. Ricky is known to have worked at the South Raccoon Street Station on night-shifts, and was a co-worker and friend of Jim Chapman.


Over the Summer of 1998, a strain of t-Virus spread through the city's soil, caused by an outbreak at Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A. The mutants caused by it made their home in the underground, also causing rapid deterioration of the subway tunnels. On Friday 18 September, Ricky was attacked by a Mega Bite while assessing the tunnel at the end of one platform, which had collapsed. He was infected with t-Virus, and began to complain about an itching sensation. Typical with infection, he suffered brain damage soon after, but continued going to work.[1] At some point after Saturday, he used the east restroom and died in the cubicle.

Further notes

  • If examining the body as Jim, he will comment "a lot happened without me around".


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