The Rifle is the first out of two available sniper rifles in Resident Evil 4. It must be bought from the Merchant to be able to use in the main game. It also appears in the Shooting Range minigame.


The Rifle can be purchased from the first Merchant encountered in the Valley for 12,000 pesetas.

It can be equipped with a custom scope for extremely long-range sniping for 7,000₧. Additionally, a thermal imaging scope is found on the island base; this is a near necessity to fight all varieties of Regenerador.

The Rifle takes up 9 spaces (9x1) of Leon's inventory. The custom and thermal scopes take up 3 spaces (3x1) each. As a bolt-action rifle, the bolt must be manually operated after each shot, taking the player out of aiming mode. Head-shots almost always results in decapitation on regular enemies. This means an assured kill unless Plaga spawns from the body.

The Rifle also appears in the Shooting Range mini-game in the Sniper weapon set.


  • Due to its slow rate of fire, it is recommended to use this rifle at long range since enemies can easily attack you while you are chambering the next round or reloading.
  • If you reserve the rifle for fighting at a distance, you can ignore reload speed upgrades to save money.
  • Buying Capacity upgrades can be useful for free ammunition as the ammo is scarce and found in small amounts. This can be taken full advantage of if you buy the upgrades while the magazine is empty.
  • Compared to the Semi-Auto rifle, the Rifle takes up 5 fewer spaces in the inventory and costs less to upgrade. The main downside is it fires much slower. There are times the Semi-Auto rifle can be used in mid ranged combat and it is much easier to kill Regeneradores with.
  • With its exclusive upgrade of 30.0 firepower, it is far more powerful than a Broken Butterfly with everything bought but the exclusive upgrade (while using the vastly more common rifle ammo) and twice as powerful as the semi-auto rifle.

Upgrade chart

The Rifle costs 289,000₧ pesetas to fully upgrade (296,000₧ including the custom scope). Its exclusive upgrade increases its firepower to 18.0 in the Japanese and US Gamecube versions while in the Gamecube's PAL, PS2, PC, and HD versions it increases to 30.0.

Level Fire Power Cost Fire Speed Cost Reload Speed Cost Capacity Cost
1 4.0 2.73 4.00 5
2 5.0 10,000₧ 3.23 8,000₧ 7 6,000₧
3 6.0 12,000₧ 2.33 18,000₧ 9 8,000₧
4 8.0 20,000₧ 12 12,000₧
5 10.0 25,000₧ 15 18,000₧
6 12.0 35,000₧ 18 25,000₧
Exclusive 18.0 80,000₧


  • Examine: Rifle
"A .223 caliber bolt action rifle."
  • Examine: Scope (Rifle)
"A custom scope for the bolt action .223 caliber rifle. Mount it to see your enemies closer. A must for long-range shooting."
  • Examine: Rifle + Scope
"A .223 caliber bolt action rifle equipped with an all-steel, heavy duty high performance scope."
  • Examine: Rifle w/ Infrared Scope
"Your standard .223 caliber rifle with an infrared scope."
  • Exclusive
"Increases the firepower beyond the weapon's threshold."

Further notes

  • When the rifle is stored in Leon's case, it is depicted with the scope removed and placed near the barrel.



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