The Rifle (semi-auto) is a sniping weapon featured in Resident Evil 4. It is the second and final sniper rifle available to Leon S. Kennedy from The Merchant in the maingame for 35,000 pesetas. The rifle is also an upgradable weapon.


In the maingame, Leon can only buy it from the Merchant for 35,000₧. It is first available once the player reaches Chapter 3-1. The Semi-auto Rifle takes up 14 spaces (7x2) of the inventory. Unlike the first rifle, which is bolt-action, it does not take the player out of aiming mode after each shot.

A custom scope for extremely long-range sniping can be purchased for 10,000₧ and takes up 3 spaces (3x1). Like the bolt action Rifle, the Rifle (semi-auto) can equip the thermal imaging scope found on the island base, which is used for targeting the plagas of Regeneradores and Iron Maiden, which cannot be seen by the naked eye.

In Separate Ways, Ada can buy the weapon partially upgraded for 35,600₧.

The Rifle also appears in Assignment Ada and The Mercenaries game modes. It is used with the precision scope by Ada, and without the scope by Wesker. Wesker's rifle is fully upgraded.


  • Unlike the standard Rifle, Leon won't be stuck turning the bolt after each shot.  This makes it a much safer option at shorter ranges, where the player can quickly fire and run.
  • Its faster fire rate and bigger magazine shine best against hordes of enemies, particularly in the segments where Ashley must be protected from a distance.
  • Comparing the two Rifles when they are fully upgraded, choosing the Rifle (semi-auto) instead of the Rifle in the Japanese and US Gamecube versions, sacrifices 3.0 firepower and 5 squares of inventory space, in exchange for a fire rate that is 6.825x faster. In the Gamecube's PAL, PS2, PC, and HD versions, choosing the Rifle (semi-auto) sacrifices 15.0 firepower for a fire rate only 3.4125x faster than the Rifle.
  • While the two may be well matched in the long run, the semi-auto Rifle is undoubtedly better when it first appears, providing an immediate and long lasting upgrade over the standard Rifle.  However, it is mostly just overkill if the player only snipes from very long, safe distances.

Tune up chart

Fire Speed and Reload Speed are given in seconds.

The weapon takes 351,000₧ to buy and fully upgrade and 361,000₧ in total for that plus the scope. Its exclusive upgrade lowers its fire speed to 0.40 in the Japanese and US Gamecube versions, while in the Gamecube's PAL, PS2, PC, and HD versions only decreases it to 0.80.

Level Fire Power Cost Fire Speed Cost Reload Speed Cost Capacity Cost
1 7.0 1.43 2.33 10
2 8.0 15,000₧ 1.90 9,000₧ 12 10,000₧
3 9.0 18,000₧ 1.33 18,000₧ 14 12,000₧
4 11.0 24,000₧ 17 15,000₧
5 13.0 30,000₧ 20 20,000₧
6 15.0 40,000₧ 24 25,000₧
Exclusive 0.40 80,000₧


  • Examine: Rifle (semi-auto)
"A .223 caliber rifle capable of firing faster than the standard rifle."
  • Examine: Scope (semi-auto rifle)
"A custom scope for the semi-auto .223 caliber rifle. Mount it to see your enemies closer. A must for long-range shooting."
  • Examine: Rifle (semi-auto) w/ Scope
"A semi-auto .223 caliber rifle equipped with a high precision scope."
  • Examine: Rifle (semi-auto) w/ Infrared Scope
"A semi-auto 223 caliber rifle equipped with an infrared scope."
  • Exclusive
"Increases the firing speed beyond the weapon's threshold."

Further Notes

  • The Semi-automatic rifle features a carry handle with a built in scope when first purchased, but the addition of a scope changes the carry handle to a lower-profile rail.




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