"Ammo to be used with any .223 caliber rifle."
— Item examination

Rifle Ammo is an ammunition type found in Resident Evil 4. It can be dropped by enemies or found around the map in certain spots. Each box takes up 2 spaces (1x2) and can hold up to 10 rounds. Each round is worth 150Pts if sold to the merchant. These rounds are used in the Rifle and Rifle (semi-auto).


Chapter 1

Chapter Room Rounds Notes
Chapter1-2 Valley x5 In the first room next to the typewriter
Chapter1-3 Cemetery x5 In the second bird nest from entering the area

Chapter 2

Chapter Room Rounds Notes
Chapter2-1 Arms merchant's


x10 Found in the stall behind the merchant, accessed by hatch in

the ceiling

Chapter2-3 Lift x10 In a locker within the building
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