The Rifle M40A1 is the first sniper rifle acquired in Resident Evil: Revelations. It is obtained leaning on a shelf before the fight with the Comms Officer Scagdead in the Promenade in the original 3DS version, but is moved to the Solarium in the HD remake, to counteract the newly introduced Wall Blister .


M40A1 stats
Firepower 1100
Auto Fire 0.61
Capacity 8
Custom Slots 4

The weapon has a base firepower of 1100, a rate of fire of 1.00 (0.61 on Unveiled Edition), a capacity of 8, and 4 customization slots. If the player chooses not to complete any Missions, this rifle maybe the only one that can be found. Overall, this weapon is more powerful than the Rifle PSG-1 but lacks the semi-auto ability making this weapon suffer from firing speed.

In Raid Mode, the stats carries over from Campaign having the good firepower in comparison with the Rifle PSG-1.

Recommended Custom Parts

The Rifle M40A1 slightly suffers due to its firing speed. However, when equipped with a Fire Rate Custom Part, it can speed up the action of pulling the bolt. The recommended custom parts are:

  • Damage 1-5
  • Fire Rate 1-3
  • Critical Hit


Further Notes

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