The Rifle PSG1 is a weapon featured in Resident Evil: Revelations. Jessica Sherawat can be seen with this rifle while partnered with Chris Redfield, most notably while in the mountains and mine.


PSG1 stats
Firepower 700
Auto Fire 1.43
Capacity 5
Custom Slots 3

It is obtained by scanning 15 handprints in Campaign mode (the fastest way is after Episode 3). After doing so, the weapon will be stored in the customization box. In comparison with the Rifle M40A1, the PSG1 lacks the firepower, the capacity, and an additional customization slot that the M40A1 has. However, to compensate for these weaknesses, the PSG1 has the ability to fire in semi-automatic, an ability which the M40A1 lacks. The PSG1 has a default firepower of 700, a firing rate of 1.00 (1.43 on Unveiled Edition) and a capacity of 5. This weapon features 3 customization slots, unlike the M40A1, which features 4.

In Raid Mode, the weapon carries the same traits as it does in Campaign mode. It can be seen with a very fast firing rate, eliminating the need to equip it with a custom part related to firing speed. It sometimes features either 3 or more customization slots. This weapon is slightly common in the store and the stats vary depending on the player's level.



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