Rifle ammunition is used with the long range Rifles. Rifle ammo is slightly scarce and boxes usually contain modest amount of bullets. Ammo vary in calibers, brand names, and power.

Gameplay Specifics

The first usable sniper rifle in the Resident Evil series was introduced in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica, however there's no spare ammo available for it, making it useless once all rounds are expended.

The first game to emphasize on rifle ammunition was Resident Evil 4. It also was the first game to bring sniper rifles to prominence.

The Hunting Rifle from Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 is the first rifle in the RE series to feature stopping power equal to Magnums. As a result, its bullets are also as rare as magnum ammo.

Like other types of ammunition in the Outbreak series, Hunting Rifle ammo boxes are composed of individual cartridges, meaning each round has to be loaded manually inside the gun.

Operation Raccoon City uses ammo stash to replenish ammunition.

Resident Evil 6 introduces 2 types of different Rifle ammunition, one which is the powerful 12.7mm Ammo which is exclusive to Piers Nivans.

Resident Evil Revelations limits the amount for carrying Rifle Ammo instead of taking up a space. The player can extend the limit by finding an Ammo Bag specifically for the Rifle Ammo. This also applies in Raid Mode but instead of being scattered around the stage, the Rifle Ammo Bag can only be bought in the store.


Games with a * besides it states that there are 2 types of Rifle ammunition in the game.

Game Display name Examine Form Max rounds per space
Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 Rifle Rounds
"458 Magnum rounds. They are used in hunting rifles"
Resident Evil 4 Rifle Ammo
"Ammo to be used with any .223 Caliber rifle."
Box 20
Resident Evil 5 Rifle ammo
"Ammo for the rifle."
Box 30
Resident Evil Revelations Rifle Ammo
"Ammo for Rifle."
Box 90 (Campaign) 112 (Raid Mode)
Resident Evil 6 7.62mm NATO Ammo Box 60
Resident Evil 6 12.7mm Ammo Box 40



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