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"So I'll get help and come back, right? Looks like it's a race against time..."
— Rita discussing a possible escape route with Marvin, Fred and Aaron.

Rita Phillips[2] was an officer of the Raccoon Police Department.


When the t-Virus contaminated Raccoon City's drinking supply, Rita spent the next several days within the Raccoon Police Station as it was besieged by Zombies attempting to hold the line with her colleagues against wave after wave of infected breaching the building.

As civilians and officers continued to fall attempting to fend off the infected, it was clear that the remaining officers and refugees could no longer keep the station safe.

Lore DiscrepanciesEdit

Resident Evi Outbreak File #2Edit

The surviving handful of police officers; Rita, Aaron, Tony, Fred and several surviving civilians, operating under Lieutenant Marvin Branagh, devised a final, desperate escape plan by using the station's long-forgotten vent shaft tunnels that appeared on blueprints from the station's museum days.

Rita was successful in entering and navigating the tunnels, and returned to the station with fellow officer Harry, who had survived the chaos in the streets by remaining inside an RPD tactical van. The two drove back to pick up survivors, but another attack had left most of the remaining officers dead, and Branagh himself had to be left behind. Rita's ultimate fate following the evacuation of the station is unknown.

Resident Evil 2 (2019)Edit

During the Raccoon City Police Station's stand, Officer Phillips brought up the apparent existence of a tunnel from the station's museum days and suggested an escape route through the sewers[3] – a plan that Officer Elliot Edward took seriously, and tried to seek out a way to open the tunnel.[4]

Rita's fate is unknown; she had not been seen alive by the time the tunnel was opened.


"C'mon, get in! Is this everyone?!? What about Marvin?"
— Rita realizes that all of her fellow officers have been killed or infected.

During a normal game, Rita is seen in the main hall early in the scenario using the lobby terminal. The player character can speak with her, with Kevin's dialogue being different from others. With the eight default characters, she can also be conversed with further via ad-lib. Playable NPCs, however, cannot do this.

Rita can be unlocked as playable in File #2: As a player character, she features an above-average health for her character type. Because she is an Alyssa type, she can unlock certain cases and lockers with her lockpick. She is, however, slightly slower in movement speed at 0.91 of the default standard. She can take potshots with handguns to take advantage of her 1.13x damage multiplier. She begins each scenario with a box of "Handgun Rounds" in her inventory.

Name Rita
Outbreak Unlock requirement Data Convert from File #2 (Only works if Rita was unlocked through GameShark, Codebreaker, etc., along with file#3 NPC's)
Outbreak File #2 Unlock requirement Clear Desperate Times on VERY HARD with any character.
The following translated adaptation of information found in the BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK FILE 2 GRAND BIBLE.
Model Alyssa
Health High; 2600-3000
Infection rate 0.78% per minute
Movement speed 0.91
Attack multiplier X1.13
Condition FINE
Starting Items Handgun Rounds (15)




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