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"So I'll get help and come back, right? Looks like it is a race against time..."
— Rita discussing a possible escape route with Marvin, Fred and Aaron.

Rita Phillips[2] was an officer of the Raccoon Police Department who was present in Raccoon City during the 1998 viral outbreak.



Virtually nothing is known about Phillips' life, other than that she was under the command of Lt. Marvin Branagh and admired him so much that she worried about his safety. She also had a camaraderie with her profession colleague, Kevin Ryman.

Raccoon City Incident

After the t-Virus contaminated Raccoon City's drinking supply and the mass appearance of zombies broke out, Rita spent the next several days within the Raccoon Police Station as it was besieged by zombies attempting to hold the line with her colleagues against wave after wave of infected breaching the building. As civilians and officers continued to fall attempting to fend off the infected, it was clear that the remaining officers and refugees could no longer keep the station safe.

Marvin instructing Rita about the escape route from the police station.

Amid the loss of terrain for those infected inside the police station, Phillips discovered the existence of a secret tunnel from when the building was still an art museum and suggested an escape route through the sewers using the passage, but she ended up being ignored due to uncertainty that there could also zombies infesting the channels – such a suggestion ended up would later be explored by Elliot Edward seriously after the station had been practically taken over by the infected.[3][4] Instead, she and other officers, Aaron, Tony, Fred, along with a several surviving civilians, operating under Branagh, devised a final, desperate escape plan by using the station's long-forgotten vent shaft tunnels since with the loss of communications with the outside, it was only a matter of time for the police station to be taken by the zombies.[5]

Phillips coordinating the evacuation of the survivors from the police station.

As the only one able to move through the tunnels, Phillips managed to leave the police station, and returned with fellow officer Harry, who had survived the chaos in the streets by remaining inside an RPD tactical van for days.[6] The two drove back to pick up the survivors at the front gate of the building, but another attack had left most of the remaining officers dead, and Branagh himself had to be left behind. Desolate to leave his lieutenant, Rita cried profusely as the survivors try in vain to comfort her as they walk away from the police station.[7] Rita's ultimate fate following the evacuation of the station is unknown.



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