Rita and Marvin (リタとマービン Rita to Mābin?) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It is played during the "desperate times" scenario after all of the plates have been inserted into the statue.



Marvin: It'll take at least an hour to get through a space this narrow. Use this to keep in touch with me, *hands Rita a radio* it doesn't get much range, but the signal should get through if I'm close by.

Rita: Leave it to me, I promise I'll be back with help!

A little later....

Rita on the radio: *beep beep* Marvin! MARVIN!

Marvin: Hey, you made it!

Rita: Sorry it took so long, I'm headed your way now! I'll do a check-up at the front gate so get everyone together there! I won't be able to stick around long so hurry up okay? I'll contact you a bit later.

Marvin: Alright, be careful!

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