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Robert's Note is a file in Resident Evil 2. It is one of the EX Files exclusive to the Nintendo 64 version of the game.


The file can be recovered from behind the counter near the register in the Kendo Gun Shop after triggering the cutscene with Robert Kendo. This file is only present in the "A" scenario.


How could this have happened Barry? The town's been overrun by zombies and has literally become a nightmare on earth.

As you know, my concern for this town is as great as your own. I have waited for your arrival on the assumption you were still in the area, but the threat of my shop being overwhelmed by zombies has become too great.

I've already distributed the majority of weapons and ammo to the town's survivors including the Raging Bull you special ordered. I hope you understand, given the circumstances.

At any rate, I have no intention of pointlessly sacrificing my life and will be retreating to Stone Ville.

If you get this message, meet me there. We'll go fishing...

Robert Kendo







To my best bud, Barry,

What the hell's going on here? The entire town's turned into a city of the dead, 'looks just like an image straight outta Hell. But since I love this town as much as you do, I stuck around for a while.

I've fought off all the zombies trying to break in so far, but I can't keep at it forever. Besides, I handed out most of the guns and ammo in the shop to the survivors left in town. The Raging Bull you ordered was one of them. Sorry about that...

With how things are now, I'm gonna wind up dead if I stay here. I'm thinking of escaping to the next town over, Stone Ville.

If you read this letter by chance, I'll meet you there. Let's go fishing again if it all works out.

Robert Kendo

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