Flagship expanded universe
(Semi-canon sidestories)

Infobox character |name = Robert |image = 1266504129 17810 obitel zla 4d palach mp4 000126040 |sex = Male |date of death = September 1998 |R/N = Caucasian |occupation = UBCS mercenary |status = Deceased |voice = Tadasuke Ohmizu }} Robert was a member of a UBCS team that was dispatched during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident to rescue Umbrella researcher Dr. Cameron. He only appears exclusively in Biohazard 4D Executer.

Robert and his team, under the leadership of Claus arrives in a warehouse district-part of Raccoon City in hopes of finding Cameron hiding there as Norman's tracker pinpointed the doctor's presence there. The team enters the warehouse searching for the doctor, Robert finds a crate filled with oranges and helps himself by snatching one, however a tentacle suddenly emerges from the crate and impales him, killing him instantly.


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