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For other people of the same name, see Robert.

Robert (ロバート robāto?) was an Umbrella USA employee assigned to the Arklay Laboratory in 1998.


Following a leak of the experimental ε strain, the Arklay Laboratory was quarantined and all employees presently at the building were prohibited from leaving. As the weeks passed, many of these employees began to physically deteriorate and mutate into Zombies, killing and eating their friends. As the Umbrella Security Service failed to contain the situation, the unarmed employees were left to fend for themselves. While hiding out at the Residence, Robert began to show symptoms of his latent mutation. In an attempt to prevent his, he was shot by his friend and coworker. His body was then left in the Room 001 bathroom. Believing Robert to be dead, his assailant then hanged himself to prevent his own mutation into a Zombie.[1] Both, however, failed to die, and their zombified bodies survived until the night of 24 July. They would then rise up to attack the  S.T.A.R.S. investigation team.

Inside the Room 001 bathroom, Robert's body is found on the floor. After grabbing the item found in the bathtub, Robert will rise up to attack the player and the writer of the suicide note then breaks off his noose shortly after and will attack the player when they leave the bathroom.


Further Notes[]

  • Robert and his friend (author of the Suicide Note file), are perhaps the only victims among Umbrella employees during the Mansion Incident truly identifiable seen as Zombies.


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