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For the Wildstorm equivalent, see George (shop owner).

Robert "Bob" Kendo (ロバート・ケンド Robāto Kendo?) was a Japanese-American owner of the Kendo Gun Shop in Raccoon City. He was a close friend of Special Tactics And Rescue Service member Barry Burton, and helped to create custom guns for Barry and the other S.T.A.R.S. members.


Early life

Both Robert and his brother, Joseph, were involved in the gun market - Robert being the salesman, and Joseph being a gunsmith. Together they developed the Beretta 92F, otherwise known as the "Samurai Edge", custom handguns requested by the Raccoon Police Department during the formation of the S.T.A.R.S. unit. The order for the Samurai Edge weapons may have been personally ordered from officer Barry Burton, a close friend of Robert's with whom he used to fish in Stoneville.[3]

During at some point of his life, he is married to an unnamed woman and by 1988, a daughter Emma was born.

Raccoon City Incident

Following the spread of the t-Virus into the water supply and the mass appearance of zombies on 25 September 1998, Robert handed out the majority of his gun stock to civilians as protection. He felt guilty in doing so, as the Raging Bull Barry had ordered was given to the crowd. He nonetheless remained hopeful of his chances of survival; expecting Barry to come looking for him, he left a note detailing his planned escape to Stone Ville.[3] As the days went by with the civilians disappeared,[4]

Reports differ as to how events on 29 September transpired, in two accounts he met either Claire Redfield or Leon Scott Kennedy after they had wandered into his gun shop to escape the chaos ensuing outside, there Kendo described that he had been unaware of the zombie outbreak that had been occurring until just recently. Finally, Kendo met his end after a hoard of zombies broke into his store window and devoured him alive.

In another, Robert took to hiding within the store, as well as his wife and his daughter, Emma Kendo, who were later infected in the process. Kendo killed his wife to eliminate the threat posed to him and his daughter. On the night of 28 September, he encountered Jill Valentine inside in his shop, who offered him a mean to escape the city but he refused, Jill then left him a letter after he stayed behind to deal with his daughter in her final moments of life.[5][6] Kendo then encountered Leon and Ada Wong as they entered his store. Believing them to be intruders, Robert aimed his shotgun at Leon; however, the encounter was interrupted by Emma, and Ada attempted to kill his daughter much to Robert's objection but was stopped by Leon. Robert then took Emma inside while demanding privacy and killed her to prevent zombification.[7] Not long after that, he also committed suicide off-screen.



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