"Another name for a Rocket Launcher is Bazooka. You can defeat most enemies with one shot."
— Item examination - English
— Item examination - Japanese

The Rocket Launcher (ロケットランチャー roketto ranchā?) is an unlockable weapon in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica. It appears as a large green colored launcher with no particularly desinated make or model which is unlike the rest of the weapons featured in the game.


The Rocket Launcher does not appear in the main game unless it is unlocked. It is unlocked if the player beats the main game in an A rank. After it is unlocked it will appear in Claire Redfield's inventory at the start of a new save.

The Rocket Launcher takes up two spaces of inventory, has infinite ammo, and can not be aimed in the upward or downward positions. Rockets fired travel and explode upon hitting anything. It is extremely powerful and can kill most bosses in only a few hits.

Unlocking the weapon will also unlock the "Weapon Crazy" award in the HD ports of the game.



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