"A very powerful rocket launcher. It launches 84mm rocket rounds."

The ROCKET LAUNCHER is a weapon available in both Resident Evil Outbreak games.

Location and Damage

In Outbreak, it is only found in the Decisions, Decisions scenario; it is found inside a locked red cabinet in the Unloading Passage, the locale where Thanatos is encountered for the first time in his mutated form. In order to obtain it, the player must break it open using their most powerful weapons. It is the second strongest weapon in the game by doing 18000HP, killing Thanatos in one shot.

In File #2, the weapon can be found in the End Of The Road scenario, in the trunk of a white car, in the area Under the Highway Overpass. It can be used to fight Nyx or the Tyrant R, or even zombies, but that's not recommended. Unlike the Outbreak counterpart, it only does 6400HP to everything and will not kill the bosses instantly, but its firepower is still strong enough to cause a heavy stun or knockdown. It also has a slightly larger blast radius, capable of killing groupes of enemies. This weapon will also appear in the Showdown scenarios, appearing up to 2 times per gameplay, depending on the difficulty.



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