The Rocket Launcher is a weapon that can be found in Resident Evil: Revelations. The weapon can be found in Episode 7 when proceeding to acquire the remote for the UAV. It is found leaning on a wall where a Scagdead appears. In Episode 10, it is used against the Malacoda boss fight where Kirk drops the weapon for the player to pick up. In the HD port, a trophy/achievement called "Rockets are for Losers" is unlocked by defeating the Malacoda without making a single use of the Rocket Launcher.


The Rocket Launcher is a very strong weapon having a firepower 30,000, often dealing heavy damage or killing an enemy instantly. Despite its power, this weapon is only a one-time use, with the character discarding the weapon after the ammunition is expended. However, the player can store it in the customization box for use against a boss fight such as Jack Norman.

Infinity Rocket Launcher

An infinite version of this weapon can be unlocked by completing Hell/Infernal Mode in the Campaign.

Raid Mode

In Raid Mode, this weapon is always available for purchase in store, with the same stats as in Campaign mode.


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