The Rocket Launcher (Special) is a plot-related weapon featured at the end of Resident Evil 4. It appears exactly the same as the normal Rocket Launcher but has a red-colored rocket loaded in it.


During Leon S. Kennedy's final confrontation with Osmund Saddler, Ada Wong spots the weapon from afar. While Leon battles Saddler, Ada makes her way to the rocket atop some scaffolding, fighting Ganados along the way.

Ultimately, Ada reaches the rocket launcher and throws it to Leon, yelling "Use this!". Leon promptly picks it up and fires at Saddler, blowing him to pieces and ending the threat of Los Iluminados once and for all.


The Rocket is only available in the main game. After Leon inflicts a certain amount of damage to Saddler in the Final Chapter, Ada will toss the weapon to the platform and the player may pick it up off the ground.

The Rocket Launcher (Special) functions exactly the same as the regular Rocket Launcher, except for the following: firing this at Osmund Saddler will trigger a scene of the rocket flying at him and instantly killing him.

However, it is still possible to kill him without it, triggering a slightly different scene. Not using it to defeat Saddler and carrying it over to a New Game+ allows the player to sell it to the Merchant for 30,000₧, the price of a regular Rocket Launcher. Leon can also use it to end the battle with Saddler instantly should it be carried to the end of a New Game+.

  • Examine: Rocket Launcher (Special)
"A rocket launcher that fires a special rocket. A perfect weapon to exterminate the boss."


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