"This powerful weapon fires rockets and can defeat most enemies with one shot."

The Rocket Launcher is unlocked in Resident Evil Survivor after beating the game with an S rank, and comes with infinite ammunition.

Even though this weapon generally kills most enemies with one shot, occasionally, if the rocket is launched at longer ranges, certain enemies like the T-103s or Hypnos-T Type (especially its later mutations) may block the rocket with their arms/claw but since the weapon is quickly reloaded (reloads slightly faster than the grenade launcher) and possesses infinite ammo, chances are they won't be blocking its attacks for long.

If fired at closer ranges, even the T-103's / Hypnos-T Type won't have the time to react and block the attack. This will cause them to eventually die.

Further notes Edit


Rocket launcher ammo

  • It is possible that this weapon was at one point in development obtainable during the main game, since it's ammunition is still present in the game files. The ammunition item, however, cannot be used since the Rocket Launcher has infinite ammunition in the finished game.