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Rockfort Island (ロックフォート島 Rokkufōto-tō?) was an island in the South Pacific Ocean. The island was taken over by the Umbrella Corporation in the 1990s to accommodate its growing paramilitary, and included a concentration camp for enemies and traitors to the company. The island was left uninhabited in December 1998 following an attack by H.C.F., which resulted in the release of the t-Virus on the island population.


Rockfort Island was settled by an Hispanic community for several generations. At some point the island became the property of the aristocratic Ashford family, who served as its governors and owned a mansion on the island.[1][excerpt 1] When Alfred Ashford, 7th Earl Ashford, was appointed by Umbrella HQ to oversee the running of Umbrella facilities on the island in 1993, the locals were driven off the island,[1] or otherwise employed. A training camp for Umbrella's paramilitary was constructed on the island and opened the following year to accommodate the Umbrella Security Service. t-Virus B.O.W.s were also produced within this camp as a source of practical combat training. Along with the military base, Ashford also oversaw the construction of a concentration camp for the internment of spies and company traitors.[2] Conditions in this camp were extreme, and over the next four years many prisoners were executed by guillotine or used as experiments,[3][4] with some victims of this extreme brutality being loyal Umbrella employees who asked too many questions.[5] Growing mad with power, Ashford neglected to repair the decaying infrastructure constructed by the Hispanic settlers, and instead used prison labourers to construct a bridge crossing the valley between his two mansions, executing them upon completion out of disgust of the idea they may see his sister, Alexia, whom he imagined to live there.[6]


In December 1998, HCF infiltrated the island to gain information on the t-Veronica Virus, a Progenitor strain that was developed by Dr. Alexia Ashford in the 1980s. Former Umbrella USA researcher Dr. Albert Wesker had been aware of Dr. Ashford's research, and led the operation to retrieve a sample. Amid the chaos, the t-Virus was released from an underground laboratory at the training camp. During the actual attack, the island infrastructure suffered serious damage, and Umbrella's forces took heavy casualties from HCF's bombings and from escaped B.O.W.s. A number of people were infected and, due to its mutagenic effects, mistaken for dead and prematurely buried in the prison's cemetery. These prisoners were able to dig themselves out during a storm.

With Umbrella beaten, the few survivors made their way to the island's airport, where C-130 transport planes were waiting. These planes were flown, with computer assistance, to the Antarctic Base which was also under the control of Ashford, and the site of a subsequent outbreak as infected individuals spread the t-Virus there. Among the remaining, uninfected survivors were Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside, two escaped prisoners; Rodrigo Juan Raval, an Umbrella Security Service member; an unnamed Umbrella researcher, and Ashford himself. Angry over the loss of the island and adamant that a spy was behind the attack, Ashford incorrectly assumed Redfield to be that agent, and made several attempts to shoot her,[7][8] or otherwise send B.O.W.s after her, including a T-078 Tyrant.[9] Ready to abandon the island, Ashford triggered a series of bombs under the island facilities to contain the outbreak,[10] though Redfield and Burnside were able to escape in time in another C-130.[11]

The following day, Chris Redfield made his way to the island, after receiving a tip-off from US agent Leon S. Kennedy as to the location of his sister.[12] There he found the island in ruins and almost entirely populated by mutants. With the death of Raval,[13] the only remaining uninfected people were HCF, who had failed their search for t-Veronica and were preparing to disembark to Antarctica. Redfield himself escaped via a Harrier jet, leaving the island abandoned.[14]


Rockfort Island concept art

A drawing of Rockfort Island.

Though small, Rockfort Island's terrain was shaped by valleys and mountains, requiring the construction of bridges.


Nothing is known of the island's civilian infrastructure. A concentration camp was located on the island, and was quite extensive in its size. On the other side of a valley was the military training facility, in which anti-B.O.W. warfare was one such topic. Ashford himself owned two mansions on the island, one located near the military training facility and another on the other end of a second valley. An airport was also located on the island, which allowed for the shipment of supplies, personnel and B.O.W. cargo. This airport has not been seen, though it is known to have been large enough to support several C-130 Hercules. A second airport, or section of this airport, was hidden within a tunnel leading out to the coast and in which a sea plane was stored.




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