The Infirmary (医務室 Imu-shitsu?)[1] is part of the medical building associated with the Rockfort Prison complex.


The infirmary is where the camp doctor performed surgery on prisoner patients. There are two sick beds, one with a vivisected body, another with a body bag on. Against the door to the crematorium, there are more body bags piled up. The room is closely monitored on CCTV.


When returning to this room from the execution chamber, the anatomist will get out of his body bag and be found biting into another Zombies. The two will then attack Claire. Upon the anatomist's death, his Glass Eye can be taken.


Location Localization Original script
Cabinet "Chemicals with unfamiliar names are arranged here."
Body "It appears that he has been anatomized. He is not breathing."
Table near the body Blood-stained scalpels are scattered here.
Body bag on bed (before execution chamber) "A body bag has been left here..."
Body bag on bed (after execution chamber) "The dead body has disappeared...!"
Body bags "Body bags are piled up here."
Body model "An elaborate model of the human body. Something seems to be missing..."




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