The monitoring room is a room in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.[1]


A surveillance room used to monitor the prison complex. The room stores important documents related to the facility and oversees important tasks such as verifying expected visitors. It is the only known area of the complex with a computer and internet access.


Upon entering the room, someone can be heard typing on a computer keyboard. The Facility Ent. Fax file can be found on the desk with the computer monitors near the door. When the player walks around the shelves dividing the room, a cutscene between Claire and Steve will trigger where she e-mails Rockfort's coordinates to Leon Scott Kennedy.

An Ink Ribbon and a Typewriter can be found on the computer desk. The Hawk Emblem can be found by examining the inside of the desk. The control panel on the wall can be used to release the lock on the shutter at the square in front of the guillotine. The eastern door cannot be opened yet.

After visiting the passage outside of medical building

Once the player has reached the passage outside of medical building, the eastern door in the monitoring room can be unblocked. The player can now use the entrance to recover items from the monitoring room and workroom.


Location Localization Original script
File cabinets Management documents are stored here.
Security monitors Security monitors are lined up here. These may have been used to monitor the prisoners.
Computer The e-mail to Leon has already been sent.
Eastern door (while blocked) The door is being held by something. It can't be opened from this side.
Control panel on wall A lock release device. Pull the lever up? (Y/N)
Control panel on wall (pulled lever) The shutter lock has been released.
Typewriter (no Ink Ribbon) An old typewriter. I could save my progress if I had an ink ribbon.
Typewriter (with Ink Ribbon) You can save your progress with this. Use an ink ribbon? (Y/N)






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