The workroom is a room in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.[1]


A workroom in the prison complex where various objects are crafted from metals. Two metal detectors in the area prevent access to those who attempt to enter or leave with any metal objects. The building is connected to a storage warehouse accessed at the square in front of the guillotine.


Upon entering the area, a short scene will trigger where the metal detector advises the player to deposit any metallic items in their inventory—such as the Lighter, Combat Knife, Ink Ribbon, Handgun, Handgun Bullets, and so on—into the security box. Failing to do so triggers a short scene where the security shutters close. The shutters can be raised using the release switch next to the security box. The player is never able to advance without putting all metal objects into the security box. The player cannot store non-metal objects—such as a Green Herb—in the security box. Upon leaving the room, the player will be prompted to take all of the items from the security box. Any item left in the box that is not recovered will be permanently lost later in the game.

In the hallway, a group of zombies bang on the window from outside. In the next area, there is a 3D Duplicator in the corner that can be accessed. The player is able to set up the 3D scanner portion. A short scene will trigger upon using it where the lid opens. No item can be placed yet. A set of Flame Rounds and B.O.W. Gas Rounds, a First Aid Spray, and the User's Manual file can be found on the work tables. Any items gained at this point cannot be taken out of the building and must be stored in the security box. The door to the south leads to the monitoring room.

After obtaining the Hawk Emblem

Once the player has obtained the Hawk Emblem from the monitoring room, it can be used with the 3D Duplicator's scanner. A short scene will trigger upon doing so where the lid closes and the machine scans the emblem. Next, it prompts the player to place a material to be duplicated.

After obtaining the TG-01

After the player has obtained the TG-01 from the briefcase in the cemetery, they can bring the item through the metal detectors. The TG-01 can be used on the 3D Duplicator to create the Sp. Alloy Emblem, a direct copy of the Hawk Emblem that can be taken out of the building. After stepping away from the 3D Duplicator, three zombies will break into the hallway through the windows. If the player carries a metal item through the metal detector and triggers the security shutters to close prior to this, the zombies cannot break through.

After accessing the second entrance

Once the player is able to access the building entrance from the Hospital passage, three zombies will have broken into the workroom. The player is able to recover any metallic items left in the south end of the room.


Location Localization Original script
Release switch (deactivated) The release switch of the metal detector. The deactivation lamp is on.
Security shutter The security shutter is down. I must release the metal detector.
Release switch (activated) The release switch of the metal detector. The operation lamp is on. Push the switch? (Y/N)
Hallway windows Outside, there are monsters everywhere.
Hallway materials Construction materials are piled up here. Nothing seems to be useful...
Table Various manufacturing devices are placed here.
Security box, when leaving Take the metal items you placed into the security box with you.
3D scanner (1) A control panel of the 3D scanner. There is an activation switch. Push the switch? (Y/N)
Control panel (1) Activating the enhanced 3D scanner...... Please place the material you wish to have scanned on the scanner portion of this machine.
3D scanner (2) The 3D scanner's lid is open. Please set the material to be scanned.
3D scanner (after using Hawk Emblem) (1) 3D data transmission complete.
3D scanner (after using Hawk Emblem) (2) The 3D data has been prepared already.
Auto duplicator (1) An auto duplicator. If the materials are set, I can restore the object.
Control panel (after using TG-01) Duplication complete.
3D scanner/auto duplicator (after using TG-01) I don't think I'll be using this machine again.






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