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"I didn't do it for me, I did it for you! Why doesn't anyone understand? The corpses attack from the shadows!"
— Rodney to Wes about the zombie sightings in Raccoon City.

Rodney Gray was a former electrician who was arrested by the Raccoon Police Department for suspicious conduct.



Little is known about Rodney's life except that he worked as an electrician and possibly was with the Raccoon City Electrician's Guild. For unknown reasons, he left his job and became unemployed.[1]

Arklay Incident's discovery and Arrest[]

In early September 1998, Rodney somehow discovered that the t-Virus had leaked into the Raccoon City, turning people into zombies, and that Umbrella Corporation was responsible. He also began to suffer from mental problems and started producing homemade bombs, creating about 20 at different stages of preparation. On the 18th of the same month, he was at 1442 Box St. acting suspiciously, having an RPD policeman examine him and find a small explosive with his detonator that led to his arrest.[1]

On September 20, Rodney was questioned by officer Wes Drucker at the police station. During the interrogation, he was in a feverish state and was extremely agitated, causing him to scream uncontrollably until he was calmed by the officers. Soon after, Rodney claimed that he had made the explosives for the R.P.D., reported that the zombies were responsible for the bizarre attacks that were happening in the city and that in a short time the whole region would be corroded by them and that Umbrella would do nothing to prevent this. He then began to shake violently before attempting to attack officers in the place, leading to the end of the questioning and a sedative being administered to him.[1]

Subsequently, due to his deteriorating mental condition, Rodney changed his depositions hourly, which were discarded and, due to his delusions, he was unable to maintain any dialogue with the officers. He was then sent to be examined by a doctor while the R.P.D. awaited the results of his condition.[1] Rodney's final fate is uncertain, however, due to the situation that Raccoon City was in when the town was finally consumed by the viral outbreak, is probably that Rodney died amidst the chaos.

Further Notes[]

  • Due the symptoms that Rodney was showing when he was arrested and interrogated, is possible that he was infected with the t-Virus.