Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
For CODE:Veronica character, see Rodrigo Juan Raval.

Rodrigo was a native of an isolated village somewhere in Spain. He was one of the first converts to Los Iluminados following Osmund Saddler's revival of the religion. Rodrigo was also an artist, and his illustrations serve as crucial insight into village life before and during this conversion period.


Rodrigo was raised by his grandparents in a traditional upbringing in the village, permanently fixed in an early modern level of technology by cultural choice. Some time prior to 2004, Rodrigo was called by Father Bitores Mendez to a sermon led by the Prophet Saddler, and quickly converted to Los Iluminados. He was injected with a Plaga egg as part of a blood cleansing ritual, and was called upon to bring others into the cult, including his younger brother.[1]



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