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"Go on. Get out of here. This place is finished."
— To Claire, after letting her free.[2]

Rodrigo Juan Raval (ロドリゴ・ファン・ラバル Rodorigo Fan Rabaru?) (c. 1966–1998) was an Umbrella Security Service (U.S.S.) employee. Though assigned to the defense of Umbrella Europe's Paris Laboratory, Raval became caught up in the biohazard on Rockfort Island.


Raval was born and raised on Rockfort Island, which had been planted by Spanish colonists for generations. The island was for some time under the ownership of the Ashford family, a British aristocratic house, with each successor to the Earldom becoming its new governor. In the 1990s, Alfred Ashford, 7th Earl Ashford, had the settlement torn down and forced much of the population off the island to make way for a boot camp for Umbrella Security Service recruits as well as a concentration camp for enemies of the company. Raval himself joined the Umbrella Security Service, and was assigned to the Paris Laboratory as 3rd Squad's leader.

Rodrigo first seen

Rodrigo frees Claire from the cell.

In December 1998, the Paris Laboratory was infiltrated by Claire Redfield, leading to a shoot-out in in the facility culminating in a UH-6 helicopter firing through the windows.[3] Raval succeeded personally in capturing Redfield, and traveled with her back to Rockfort Island as a concentration camp inmate. Soon after Raval's arrival, H.C.F. attacked the island, bombing the ground and releasing the t-Virus. Raval himself received a torso wound, possibly from being shot. Having a change of heart, he released Redfield from her holding cell to give her a chance to fight and escape rather than die in her cell.[2] Redfield later returned his kindness by providing him with hemostatic medicine and her brother's lighter.[4]


Rodrigo's death.

As the last survivors fled the island on transport planes, Raval, in an improved condition thanks to the medicine, made his way to the remains of a crypt where the settlers buried their dead, finding comfort with the prospect of dying with his family. The following day, Raval was met by Chris Redfield, Claire's brother. Raval explained to him she was likely no longer on the island, but was then swallowed by Gulp Worm, a rogue B.O.W. created for U.S.S. training.[5] Though the creature spat him out, he received acid burns throughout his body he could not survive. In his final actions, he returned the lighter he was given.[6]


Further notes

  • In early concept art, Raval would have worn a thigh protector with the Umbrella logo imprinted on it, displaying his affiliation with an Umbrella division known as "AAT".[excerpt 1]
  • In the opening FMV sequence, Raval is shown wielding a polished chrome Desert Eagle of unknown caliber (possibly .50AE, due to the lack of flutes on the barrel). This gun has vanished, likely during the fight with the Zombies, by the time Raval sets Claire free in the game's opening moments.
  • In the Dreamcast versions of Resident Evil CODE:Veronica Battle Game, if the player chooses the 1st person view, he can be spotted behind some barrels, peeking at the player, in the stage with the turntable elevator.
  • He is a playable character in Resident Evil Survivor 2 CODE:Veronica's Dungeon Mode and he will only be armed with a knife.
  • If the player chooses not to come back and give Raval the hemostatic medicine and lighter while playing as Claire, the dialogue between him and Chris turns out a little different and Chris doesn't receive the lighter (which also means he can't get access to the sub-machine guns in the adjacent save room). The gulp worm doesn't attack him, and he falls asleep after their conversation.  The next time Chris enters the area, he will be dead.
  • There was an idea of adding a playable scenario starring Rodrigo in his hometown.[7]


  1. The game takes place on December 17, 1998, which is 5 months after the events from Resident Evil, and 2.5 months after the events from Resident Evil 2 and 3. The gameplay continues 10 days later (the 27th), with Claire arriving on Rockfort Island.
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