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"Go on. Get out of here. This place is finished. "
— To Claire, after letting her free.

Rodrigo Juan Raval (ロドリゴ・ファン・ラバル Rodorigo Fan Rabaru?) was a team leader in Umbrella Paris' Security Force of the Umbrella Corporation, assigned as the commanding officer of the 3rd Security Unit.


Early lifeEdit

Rodrigo was born a native of a small village in Rockfort Island, with relatives (possibly parents) named Robert and Maria. This lasted until the Umbrella Corporation purchased the island and destroyed the village, forcing all the villagers, including Rodrigo, off the island. With nowhere else to go, and no other choice, Rodrigo accepted security work with the very company that destroyed his home.

Attack on the European Umbrella FacilityEdit

In an ironic twist, Rodrigo joined Umbrella's private security force, and soon rose to command his own elite commando unit.

While stationed in Paris, France, to protect Umbrella Europe's Paris Lab, Rodrigo and the rest of the guards were involved in the ambush of the Umbrella-wanted fugitive Claire Redfield, who had come seeking her brother and fellow fugitive Chris Redfield. Claire brought destruction on the base, and was able to kill or injure many of her pursuers. But it was Rodrigo who personally captured Claire, with Rodrigo sneaking up on her and the two of them holding weapons at each other's heads.

For capturing such a wanted fugitive alive, Rodrigo gained many rewards and significant prestige. Rodrigo and his unit were tasked to transfer Claire to a prison on Rockfort Island, which was now a military training base.

Change of HeartEdit

Initially, Rodrigo felt nothing for his actions, only caring about his career and his men, relishing in the opportunity to take on the prestigious assignment of taking his commando team to Rockfort.

Things changed when Albert Wesker and his Special Forces team attacked Rockfort. Their air strikes impacting on the island's laboratory and unleashing the t-Virus, Umbrella's most deadly bio-weapon, upon the island. The outbreak turned many of the survivors into Zombies, and many B.O.W's were freed.

With Base Commander Alfred Ashford not doing anything to stop it, Rodrigo and the other ranking soldiers took charge, and lead a defense against the zombies. Soon however, all the soldiers, including Rodrigo's unit, were wiped out, and the island overrun.

Rodrigo remained in his office, hiding. Having lost his weapon some time before, and taking serious internal injuries along the way, he quickly realized he wouldn't last outside. Rodrigo began regretting all of what he had done in recent days. Seeing that Claire was much younger, he released her, and told her to flee the island. Despite his weakened state, Rodrigo remained alive.

Claire returned some time later, providing Hemostatic medicine to alleviate the bleeding. Claire also left her lighter with Rodrigo for luck.

Rodrigo survived the explosion that Alfred had set up, as it was small yield, leaving most of the facilities on the island intact. On his way, he spotted Claire and Steve Burnside escaping in a large cargo airplane.


Rodrigo found his way down to the underground cavern, until Chris Redfield came in search of his sister. Upon telling him of what became of her, the two men were attacked by a Gulp Worm, a giant infected worm, who promptly swallowed Rodrigo whole. Chris managed to kill the worm, who spat Rodrigo out as it died. Chris told Rodrigo to hold on, but the acid burns inflicted by exposure to the chemicals in the creature's stomach proved fatal. In his final moments, Rodrigo told Chris that Claire was in Antarctica, and that he should go find her. Before dying, he gave Claire's lighter back to Chris, and then slumped to the ground.



Rodrigo was a good person at heart, and a man of conscience. When Rockfort experienced a t-Virus outbreak, Rodrigo was greatly shocked at the appearance of monsters, especially when they slaughtered his squad. In hiding, Rodrigo believed all that had befallen him and Umbrella is how it should be and was what they deserved. He released Claire, because if she died on Rockfort it would be his fault due to him being responsible for her capture. He began believing in Claire's cause to bring Umbrella to justice. Rodrigo also regretted turning a blind eye and ignoring his conscience while in service to Umbrella, all for his own greed and not caring how it affected himself. Faced with this, Rodrigo did not shift blame on anyone else except himself. Although, he graciously accepts the hemostatic Claire gives him, and in return gives her the lockpick.

Further notesEdit

  • In early concept art, Rodrigo would have worn a thigh protector with the Umbrella logo imprinted on it, displaying his affiliation with an Umbrella division known as "AAT".[notes 1]
  • In the opening FMV sequence, Rodrigo is shown wielding a polished chrome Desert Eagle of unknown caliber (possibly .50AE, due to the lack of flutes on the barrel). This gun has vanished, likely during the fight with the Zombies, by the time Rodrigo sets Claire free in the game's opening moments.
  • In the Resident Evil CODE:Veronica Battle Game, if the player chooses the 1st person view, he can be spotted behind some barrels, peeking at the player.
  • He is a playable character in Resident Evil Survivor 2 CODE: Veronica and he will only be armed with a knife.
  • If the player chooses not to come back and give Rodrigo the lighter while playing as Claire, the dialogue between him and Chris turns out a little different and Chris doesn't receive the lighter (which also means he can't get access to the sub-machine guns in the adjacent save room).   The gulp worm doesn't attack him, and he falls asleep after their conversation.  The next time Chris enters the area, he will be dead.


  1. Excerpt from BIOHAZARD CODE: Veronica Kanzenban Kaitai Shinsho, page 275:
    "筋骨たくましいロドリゴ。 大腿部のプロテクターには、 アンブレラのマークと「AAT」なる略称が。"
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  2. The game takes place on December 17, 1998, which is 5 months after the events from Resident Evil, and 2.5 months after the events from Resident Evil 2 and 3. The gameplay continues 10 days later (the 27th), with Claire arriving on Rockfort Island.
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